Thursday, January 28, 2010

H is for Hockey

T has finally lost a front tooth! We tease him saying he looks like a hockey player...

I think it makes him look 2 years younger then he actually is and then I remember how tall he's getting. He is already up to my throat!

We've always teased T about loving hockey. When he was about 18 months old, I came out of the kitchen and saw him standing in the living room with the remote in his hands. I looked at the TV and got the remote away from him. He was one click away from ordering a $200 season package of hockey!

When we got our next bill, apparently the little monkey had gotten far enough that they were charging us and we had to call and wrangle the cable people out of charging us. They charged us for 1/2 the season and we made T watch every one of those games with us! Not that I mind, my dad used to get us season tickets to the minor league team in Fresno (the Fresno Falcons).

Now that T looks the part, we tell him we're going to get him some skates and send him into a game. That's not too far off either - the school had a skate night last night and we took the boys. They had an excellent time! Especially Davis - he was a fearless, little champ out there. Trev took a pretty hard fall (his butt landed right on a skate wheel) so he was a lot more trepidatious but, then, he always is when it comes to physical feats. Anyway, we saw a flyer for a class/league where they learn how to rollerblade and also how to play inline hockey. We talked to the boys about it and they start today! (Need to look in to more health/dental insurance...)

I've always loved hockey, Ruth!

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k said...

it's a little eerie, how these letters are just lining up for you. Did you maybe set all this up years in advance, so that one day, it would be gold? I bet.