Tuesday, January 5, 2010

B is for Beat

This is my third annual Alphabet Soup (started in the last post, obviously).

I kind of toyed with making it an all video Alphabet Soup but that seemed a bit of a cop-out. OK, yes, it would've been a complete cop-out!

So, not all video but I couldn't resist throwing this one in. It's described as:
Tim Minchin's brilliant & witty demolition of irrationality in all its many guises - with rolling text from me -all in the medium of a 9-minute beat poem.
and I think it's quite clever.


If you'd like to see him actually perform it, it's here. I've chosen to post the written video of it here since his accent is a bit difficult at times and I want y'all to get the full effect. Love him!

Wishing I were that clever, Ruth!

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