Monday, January 4, 2010

A is for Animals

Post before last, I threw in a little word riddle. Obviously you are all smarter then Dave and I because we couldn't get it. I should've had you raise your hand if you didn't get it!

The answer, of course, is that all the words are homonyms for animals...

Hoarse/Horse, Mousse/Moose, Guerrilla/Gorilla, Links/Lynx, Bare/Bear

Now, as I said, about five years ago, Dave and I were in the book store with this book of logic puzzles and we came across this one. We couldn't figure it out and we were laughing about it. We turned to the back of the book for the answer but we couldn't find the answer and that made us laugh even harder. We felt that if we couldn't even find the answers they gave to the puzzles, we should put the book of logic down and back away before we hurt ourselves!

Have you ever had something strike you as funny and you just can't stop laughing at it? That's what happened to us with this stupid little book.

We finally found the answer and said, "Of course!"

I said, "Even if I got some of them, the Links/Lynx thing would've thrown me because you don't often hear about that animal."

Dave said, "No, I got that one but what's a Bear?"

I was laughing so damn hard, I couldn't breathe but finally said, "A BEAR??!!" And then it dawned on him what he'd just asked about and we about died laughing.

We still use that line whenever one of us asks a bonehead question, "A bear?"

Just last week I was talking about a friend's pet and said, "She still needs to get it spayed." and Dave said, "She's buying it a shovel?"

I looked at him in confusion and he said, "Spayed. A Spade. You know... a Bear?"

It still makes us laugh!

I've always thought one of the best things about having an SO (besides someone to scratch that middle part of your back you can never reach yourself) is the little private jokes you share. It's so nice to be able to say something stupid and the other person totally knows what you're talking about and gets it. Gets you.

Off Bear-hunting, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

Whenever one of us stumbles over something we're trying to say, the other one says, "Am." Long story, but yes, it's one of those inside jokes.

Anonymous said...

I frequently tell Smokey, "You keep thinkin', Smokey. That's what you're good at." (We specialize in movie quotes.)

sophanne said...

one of ours is "which ocean is that?"