Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pass The Sauce

A week ago, I realized that, with the exception of my MIL's hat, I've done nothing but rib-knitting for over 4 weeks now. There was the never-ending edging on the Pimlico Shrug. Then I made a rib hat for my FIL and these awesome rib slippers for the boys...

They look like little Whoville shoes!
Yarn: Alpaca with a Twist Highlander (doubled for foot, single for cuff)
Needles: US 11 and US 8
mods: I did a provisional CO, starting where the toe increases would've stopped (18 sts for D2, 24 sts for T) and made the slippers from there on up as directed. Then I came back to the provisional sts, used the contrasting slipper cuff yarn and made the toes down to the tips. This way, theoretically, when they grow out of them, I can just take off the toe and extend the foot!

This yarn pills like KUH-razy but I don't think it would in a sweater. At least I hope it doesn't since it's the same yarn I used to make D'Lynn's Pimlico! It's warm as all get out but not intended to be slid around on kitchen floors with! (BTW, D'Lynn called last night saying she got the Pimlico. She loves it! She was raving about it and I had to admit to her that it was hard as hell for me to put it in the mail after working so long on it. But at least I know it went to a great home! I'll have to ask her in the future if it pills at all.)

Anyway, more ribbing making these same slippers for the inlaws and my husband (all feet finished, just waiting for cuffs - more ribbing). I made my FIL's first foot one as instructed but all the rest, I used a provisional CO from the start - it's a lot easier to shut the toe hole that way.

After a rib hat for T's main teacher and I finally found something non-ribby to make. For T's other teacher, I'm doing the Not Lace Scarf from Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair. (D2's teacher knits a bit so she's getting a gift certificate to Purls Of Wisdom.)

Can I just say that I love rib knitting. I really do! I know people who hate it - I've always really enjoyed it. But I think I'm done for awhile, or I will be once all this xmas knitting is finished. (I still have a rib scarf I'm making for my step-brother and a hat with rib edge for my bio-bro.)

In fact, I'm naming January the Month of Knitting Lace. I'm going to try to finish the Icarus I started this past March, and a vest I'm designing with a knit panel in the center, and finally working on the edging for the Hateful Bed Jacket and maybe even work some more on my single Baudelaire. (Which will probably make February "Garter Stitch Month".)

Contemplating BBQ'ing all these ribs, Ruth!

P.S. If someone could tell me why Blogger doesn't allow breaks between paragraphs... WTF? It's only every now and then and it's always maddening.

ETA: Thanks Trek - it worked! Also, forgot to say - 2X2 ribbing in all those Traveling scarves.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, what you need to knit is a Noro striped scarf. 60"+ of 1x1 ribbing ;-)

trek said...

<br />

Gives you a line break every time.

Anonymous said...

You are so clever! I've been making the ribby slippers too. Oh so much rib. Heh. :)

dawn said...

Such cute slippers. Cute little feet too.

Nell said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Whoville slippers! That's so cute.

Yvette said...

Excellent idea about the coffee. Thamks!