Thursday, January 7, 2010

C is for Cable

Try not to be too stunned that I'm actually blogging about knitting on my knitting blog.

And try not to be too blinded by my pale skin...

These are the Kumara Bed Socks from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2009 (scroll down the link).
Yarn: Malabrigo azul profundo Worsted (less then one skein)
Needles: US 8
Mods: None! I even knit them one at a time! (Magic Loop, of course.)

I adore these socks. I love them with a passion that shall not be named. My love spans many leagues and several reasons.

Reason the First:
I was rooting around in my stash and found not one but TWO skeins of this beautiful dark blue Malabrigo. I have no idea where they came from. I didn't buy them (Malabrigo. I would remember buying Malabrigo.), I didn't get them in a swap (did I mention it was Malabrigo? I'd remember receiving some Mal!). Apparently I have finally acquired so much yarn that it has begun breeding in the bins. And begetting quite lovely children!

Reason the Second:
This pattern? Worsted weight socks? I made these socks in SIX days. Six. Days. I could've finished them in 4 but I had to relearn the Kitchener Stitch (again) and on the last cable of the last sock, I lost my cable needle. Poof! I was so desperate to finish them, I used one of my naked Stitch Savers as a cable needle (as much as I like selling my Stitch Savers, I don't recommend this activity). Tell me again why ALL socks aren't knit in worsted weight? Oh. Yea. That whole "I want my shoes to fit over my socks" business. Whiners.

Reason the Third:
Did I mention the Malabrigo??

Reason the Last:
The pattern had very little stockinette stitch.

I have been plugging away on Dave's sweater for a little over a year now. And by "plugging away" I mean I work on it for as long as I can stand the endless stockinette before it makes me nauseous and irritated and I throw it in a corner for a few weeks here and there. Stockinette in the round on size US 7 needles. Sometimes, while I'm working on it, I have to jab myself in the eye with those needles just to keep from falling asleep with the boredom of it.

It doesn't help that I like my guys big. You know...
Have-To-Throw-A-Rope-On-'Em-And-Climb-Up Big. That means the body is 17" of stockinette (to the armpits) and the arms are 'round about another 15" of stockinette. Each. At least it's in the round!

Anyway, this pattern is a lovely mix of cables with a few lacy yarn-overs thrown in and it's still an incredibly easily memorized, easily made pattern! This pattern makes me so happy, I'm considering making a few pair for xmas presents this year! I probably would, too, but I'm a greedy Malabrigo hoar and I'd probably substitute some basic Cascade 220 or something equally good-but-not-Mal-good and then I'd feel all guilty. So, truthfully, I probably won't.

I borrowed this mag from a friend and I should probably spring for it and go get myself a copy! But there's not too much else in there that makes me want to spend $15.99 on this mag. Yes. it's SIXTEEN dollars! For a magazine. Granted, there's about 30 patterns in there but I think I'll wait until IWK puts the patterns out individually and just buy the Kumara pattern. But then I'd be spending, what... $5 or $6 for one pattern? Still debating....

Walking around with happy and toasty toes, Ruth!


k said...

But you shaved. Doesn't count.
And next time, for truly white skin, make sure your background is dark so the camera overexposes your skin.
Then we will call you Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

"Have-To-Throw-A-Rope-On-'Em-And-Climb-Up Big" made me lol. Thanks!

The thing to do with boring stockinette is to listen to a really cliff-hanger audiobook while knitting. I am stuck making a half dozen garter stitch dishcloths for #1 son, but Stephen King's latest (Under the Dome) is 30 CDs long (30!) and keeps me knitting away.

Turtle said...

lol, yes my first thought was, pale but hair free! (i mean it is winter, lol)

Sam said...

Yay for knitty goodness! These are gorgeous. And if you are having trouble finding homes for your beautiful new yarny children, let me know. ;o)