Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Of Santas and Superheroes

We had a great xmas - how 'bout you? Whadja get?

The boys gave me a big bag of the dried blueberries from Costco that I love so much. And also my Neutrogena Sesame Oil (I use it after I shower).

Dave gave me a pair of really thick fleecy lounge pants - soooo warm! Best husband ever! Not so much because of the pants (which are perfect) but because he remembers that a year ago, I was trying to find some thick flannel pants! (Apparently those thick flannel pants don't exist anymore since fleece came on the scene.)

We had a really low key holiday. We didn't even get a tree this year. We don't have anyplace to put it anymore and with the cat...
Trev was upset about the tree - he was convinced that without a tree you didn't get presents. Once he understood there would still be presents, he was fine with it. Davis didn't even seem to notice.

Had xmas eve at the MIL/FIL's place, xmas morning with the four of us, then breakfast at IHOP with the inlaws and drove in to Denver to have xmas dinner with the BIL/SIL. Great family times!

This year, Trev was asking a lot of questions about Santa. Dave says, "We should just tell him. We shouldn't lie to our kids." I scoffed, "Dave, please. We lie to those boys every day - 'That show isn't on right now.' 'You can be anything you want when you grow up!'" We didn't tell him, but we suspect he knows.

It was really cute because when Trevor would ask us about Santa in front of Davis, Davis would get all serious and earnest and matter-of-fact:

Trev: Mom, Dad, is Santa real?

Me: Well, honey, what do you think?

Davis: Trevor. You know Santa. He's the guy who brings the presents, remember?

Very cute! Also, when we were getting in the van to go to the inlaws for xmas eve, the kids next door were hollering for their dad to hurry up and come see! "There's Rudolph!!!" Up in the night, there was a red light racing across the sky. The older kid next door said, "That's just a plane." That kid's dad said, "It's going way too fast for a plane." (It was, too - wonder what it really was.) Trev asked why Rudolph was here so early and my wonderful, quick thinking husband said, "They're just taking a test run."

(OK, before blogger wouldn't let me have spaces btw lines, now it's putting them there when I don't want them - any suggestions??)

As an aside, Trevor entered a "Make Your Own Superhero" Contest. Meet Mr. Roar....

In case you can't read the boy's handwriting. They were given questions about their superhero...

Superhero's name: Mr. Roar

Superpowers: A huge roar and eats bad guys

Origin Story: A person was digging for dinosaur bones, when he found some. They were toxic. Then he passed out. When he woke up, he was a T-Rex.

Hobbies: yarn-maker (love that kid!)

Little known facts: He plays Football (Daddy loves him, too!)

That kid's little creative brain blows me away!

Hoping you got great swag, Ruth!


Olga said...

What??? no Christmas tree!!!!?
Hey hey! I posted just for you cuz your my super hero!

Nell said...

We didn't get a tree either. Definitely cat/space issue. Maybe if we get a house this year...

Anonymous said...

hilarious. Love the yarn maker hobby.

Thick Flannel pants? Try Target. I bought some the other day and they are awesome. They have sock monkeys on them, but honestly, I love sock monkeys. :)

No tree? That's okay. You should have the kids make one. Trace their hands a thousand times and then cut them out and have them make their own ornaments and stick it all on the tree. It'll be the best tree ever because they made it!