Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yesterday was a novel so today will be short and sweet.
Currently, I am working on a feminine shell that'll be submitted somewhere. I'm still plugging away at a blanket I started for our family. It was meant to be a throw blanket but my husband keeps saying it's too small to fit all of us on the couch. By the time it's done a) it won't be cold anymore and b) it'll be the size of a twin bed! It's the Moderne Blanket from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm doing it in Lion Brand Homespun, much to the chagrin of any fiber snobs out there.
I have at least 3 other things on needles, all of my own design and all at a standstill for one reason or another. (Does anyone have any Drops/Garnstudio Alpaca color #2919? It's been backordered for about 6 months and I need 5 skeins please!) I'll write more later and I'll start including some pic's - promise!

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