Thursday, March 29, 2007


I got myself lost yesterday. I hate being lost. It scares the crap out of me. When I get scared, it comes out as anger first then, if it's a prolonged scared, breaks down into tears. I had to go to I-25 and I-70 yesterday and while I was driving there, I saw a sign that said "I-225 to I-70". I chickened out on my written directions and took the I-225. Which basically sent me in the opposite direction then curved back and eventually crossed the I-25 again. 20 minutes later.

I held it together better then usual when lost. I didn't snap at the boys and I didn't cry (almost). I wonder how long it'll take me to get used to where things are around here. I lived in Tucson for 3 years before I stopped confusing Speedway with Broadway. Yes, I can read street signs. The two streets are so similar in make-up and style of buildings that it's easily confused when you're trying to remember which building is on which street.

OK, so having explained my feelings about being lost, I think I would be fine if I were, in fact, Lost. As in the TV show. That's not trying to find something, that's survival mode. I'd be fine with that. I (for reasons that are for another day) am very concerned with survival techniques. I'm a worst case scenario kind of girl. I learned a lot about survival techniques while camping w/our dad as a kid (not that he ever put us in any kind of survival situation, he would just show us techniques for fun and education) and in the Army (again, never in a bad situation, just as training purposes). One of the best books I've ever read was "Life of Pi". A fantastic, brilliant, creative book in it's own right but I also gleaned many new survival techniques!

So, whatjda think about last nite's episode of Lost? My husband and I are addicted to this show. When we moved out here to Colorado, we left early in the morning on Lost nite and it was the nite of the last episode before that b.s. hiatus they took mid-season. My husband's friend, Chris, came out with us to help with the move and to see CO. Chris is also a big fan. We actually planned (and succeeded) to stop somewhere for the nite in time to feed the kids, get them in bed and be able to watch Lost uninterrupted. We could've pressed thru the nite with the driving and made it to CO sooner, we chose to watch Lost! Last nite's episode was very cool, very Alfred Hitchcock presents. Love that show.

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