Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, Spring in Colorado is spectacular! (This post will be picture heavy - good luck!) The boys and I planted a bunch of seeds. We used makeshift pots for the seedlings (I cut some oatmeal boxes and juice cartons in half). We planted seeds for green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, small peppers (we'll see if they are hot or sweet once they are picked) and sunflowers.

I love this next shot. Ladybugs are cool and they are everywhere right now! There were two on top of each other and the boys asked what they were doing. I told them, "They are making baby ladybugs." Trev asked, "You make babies by doing piggy-back rides?". I said, "Kinda".

We are hopeful about our seeds. We never tried to plant a garden in Tucson. Partly because it's too hot and everything dies too easily. Mainly because I have been known to kill cactus!

Here's some pics of flowers that are spontaneously growing at the base of our tree in the front yard. Thank you to the previous tenant or whomever it was that planted them. They are lovely!

Nobody planted these, they plant themselves. Dandelions are my favorite flowers. Pull 'em, spray 'em with pesticides, yank 'em out, stomp 'em. It doesn't matter. They always come back. I love that kind of persistence and they are pretty.

Here's Trevor playing in the dirt and helping plant seeds. He's a good helper.

Enjoy the Spring!

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Rachel said...

And you can make wine out of dandelions!