Thursday, April 1, 2010

S is for Suck

Last year was so much fun that we went to see Christopher Moore again this year! Last year, I dragged Donna with me. This year it was two other knitting buds, Tina and Loise. Tina's husband met us about an hour before they started handing out the numbers (for the booksigning). I was #1 this year!

Tina's husband also brought us some amazingly delicious Cuban sandwiches from a place called Samba. Sooooo tasty!

Christopher came to Denver's LoDo Tattered Cover again to pimp his latest book Bite Me. Last year he was pimping Fool. Apparently, his new publicist has him on this really brutal book tour. He didn't have much time after the talk to hang out. He flew into Denver Sunday morning, did his talk at 2p, and had to catch a flight a few hours later to go to Chicago. Crazy!

He starts his talks with this...

It's like having sex: someone introduces me, I spend the next half hour apologizing, everyone lines up and I thank you for coming [pauses and smiles mischievously], and you all leave thinking I smell vaguely of Sharpie Marker.

He makes me laugh so hard, it's difficult to breathe at times! He's a stand-up comic disguised as an author. After speaking for 15 minutes (he doesn't actually read from his books at his readings), he looked at Loise and I in the front row and said, "Could you please put that away!" He was talking about our knitting! I was wondering if it was bothering him because he kept looking out at the 200+ people in the audience then looking at us, looking out, looking at us. I think our knitting was distracting him.

He made some jokes about the knitting and went on with his talk. We didn't mind and laughed along with everyone else. After we accidentally became part of the floor show, a cell phone started ringing. Everyone, including Christopher Moore, was looking around to see who it might be. Some people were making that ooh, you're busted sound. Then Christopher pulls a ringing phone out of his own pocket! He's looking at it dumbfounded and you could tell he was debating whether or not to answer. Then people in the audience started saying, "Answer it!" and he did. He simply said, "On stage! I'll call you later!"

He said, "I live with the Bitch, I gotta answer! The only person in the whole world who knows my schedule today.... well, besides you people, and she calls me! There will be revenge!" Even when he's irritated, he's funny!

Oooh and I scored a free T-shirt! It's black and on the front it just has the title of his latest book - Bite Me. On the back it has the title of his second book and a reminder to buy it - it says...

(Don't forget - You Suck). The back also has his website - Can't wait to wear it to the gym on Monday - hah!

Looking forward to next time, Ruth!

P.S. Forgot to post this earlier this week, but it worked out because what better subject for April Fool's Day then the man who wrote Fool! Also, the boys and I already have the kitchen sink sprayer set up for when Dave comes home. Mwahahahaha!

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Yvette said...

Wow. You annoyed a famous person. Cool