Friday, April 9, 2010

U is for Unlikely

I've recently finished a sock pattern that I've had floating around in my head for quite some time. I even dyed the yarn specifically for it.

I'm entering it in a sock design contest and it's unlikely it will win but I'm ever hopeful! There were 2 design contests going on that I was going to enter it into but I missed the deadline for the first one by a couple days. It was unlikely I was going to finish it in time for the first contest since I started the actual knitting about a week before it was due. I don't knit that fast!

I still need to figure out how to make the pattern into a pdf and how to publish it so y'all can buy it online and such. Once that's done, I'll let y'all know. It will definitely be done by April 19th which is the deadline for the contest I'm putting it into.

I'm pretty proud of this design! I think it's kinda cool. Not as obvious a picture as I'd envisioned but that's the way it goes with skinny sock yarn, I guess.

Here's a memory that will seem random but actually has a point...
When I was in Germany, I was in that BMG CD of the month club thing. It was cool because if you bought the CD of the month, you'd get to pick another two or three for free, which meant they all cost about $5 or less each. I always took the monthly selection and if I didn't like it I'd sell it or give it away.

I bought a Prince CD once and when it arrived in the mail, it looked like the Prince CD. It had the Prince jewel case and Prince papers and the CD itself was printed with the Prince artwork. When you played the CD, it was Alison Krauss! Weird. I called the company and they replaced it no problem.

So it happened again just today! Before I left Tucson, one of my favorite massage clients and I were having a conversation about music we loved but never told anyone about because it was unlikely people would believe us. She was in her late 50's and she loved hardcore heavy metal. No shit! She was all into Pantera and Anthrax and the like! On the surface, she was this very strait-laced business woman but she loved the thrash metal. What's stranger is that she only discovered this type of music within the past couple of years.

I told her my guilty secret was John Denver. And Disco. I love Disco. I know, it's lame and I generally keep it to myself but now you all know it, too.

Right before I moved to CO, she gave me a gift of a double CD of John Denver's Best Hits! So sweet! I always played the first CD and never really got around to the second. Today I was downloading it to my iPod and whaddya know, the second CD, although printed as CD 2 of JD's Best Hits... it's actually Elvis Presley's greatest hits! So weird!

All right, Friends, you're turn for True Confessions. What music is your unlikely guilty pleasure?

Rocky Mountain High, Ruth!

P.S. If anyone's notice lately, I've been deleting some comments. It's only because they have links to Asian pron. If anyone knows how I can block these things, please email me! My email's in the sidebar under my pic. Thanks!


Turtle said...

lol, that is weird. Now it would be funny if you made dummy lables to hide your secret music passions and have no one suspect the truth of the cd's music contents. We had this with a cassette years ago, don't remember what it was though. I know what you mean about being suprised though, clients have shocked me with some of the things they confess when in my chair, i luv that part of the work! Me? I confess to loving keith urban n bonnie raitt, hubby considers country a curse word in this house, wink!

Congrats on the sock, can't wait to see it!

Ivy said...

To make a .pdf, download Open Office. There's an option to save as .pdf that Word doesn't offer. It's super easy and free, which I'm always a fan of.

Anonymous said...

I think there are free sites that you can go to that will convert a document into a pdf. (Or you could buy a Mac and MS Office for Mac; Word then has a print option that convert the document to a pdf.)

I discovered that I like some kinda hard-core stuff when my boys were teenagers and they discovered it -- AC/DC and Metallica and Black Sabbath.

Yarnhog said...

Google CutePDF. It's a free, downloadable PDF writer. I use it all the time, so you know it's simple! (A tip, though: the use it, you hit "print", then select "CutePDF" as your printer, and it will generate a pdf you can save. This confused me at first.) Oh, and if you become a designer on Rav, you can upload the pattern to your store and people can buy it that way.

k said...

KmKat likes George Thorogood; that's her secret favorite music.

I'm sneaking up on opera. I don't know the field yet, but I think I should go there.

PDF? Don't know. My computer is telling me which thingy I get to use these days, after some stupid anti-virus malware attack. I'll be wiping the whole thing soon.