Friday, February 20, 2009

J is for Jester

Just like last year, it amazes me how the letters present themselves just as they're most needed!
This is what I did last night...

Went to a book-signing with for one of my all-time favorite authors!!
Donna and I got there around 5p to get our number (that's for the signing) and also to be in line to get good seats. Front row, baby!
Knitted the whole time!

First up was the man who introduced Christopher Moore. His name is Graham something and he's the sci-fi (and other genres) book reviewer for the Denver paper...
He was terribly funny in his own right and had a whole diatribe about bastards. (The book "Fool" is Shakespeare's King Lear told from the point of view of the king's jester. There's lots of bastards in Shakespearean plays, just as there's lots of bastards today.)
Then the author came out and we all laughed our asses off for a full hour!
If you get any kind of chance to see Christopher Moore speak in person - run to it! Get there early. About 300 people showed up and the room only holds about 200. They had an overflow room with speakers and no chairs. Seriously, go early. Even if you've no idea who the man is and/or have never read anything he's ever written, go see him. It's free and it's a great time. Unless you're easily offended. If you're easily offended, stay home - trust me! When we got home (at 11:30p!), I told Dave that Moore said he'd come to Denver for 12 of the 18 years he's been writing (for book signings) and that next time, Dave has to go with me.
I got 3 books last year. Only 3. One was the special edition of Christopher Moore's Lamb. He's the best!
Seriously great night, Ruth!
P. S. Speaking of great authors, a friend pointed me towards this recently. It's Neil Gaiman reading all of The Graveyard Book on his last book tour. A chapter per stop. Very cool!


Anonymous said...

What a great time! I have only *read* one book by him, A Dirty Job -- listened to the audiobook, actually -- but I liked it. Must get more Moore. ;-)

Donna said...

We had such a great time! I bought Blood Sucking Fiend today. I'm now thinking of rearanging the reading list to read Lamb next. Thanks for taking me Ruth.

Nell said...

How fun!!!! I'm trying to get into these kinds of events more. They're free and much more interesting than a lot of things we do.