Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yet Another Contest

My kids go to a great school. They have a few fundraisers per year and that way the children don't have to sell wrapping paper or other things people don't really want/need. There's the Fall Festival, the Winter Dance (which both my boys went to and danced The Robot all night long!) and the Spring Fling.

The Spring thing has a silent auction. My friend Rachel and I are on the committee to collect items for this auction. The mayor of our town is emceeing it this year so it should have a really good turnout.

Purls of Wisdom has donated a yarn basket with a pattern for a felted bag, the yarn to make it, needles and instruction. Yarnarts has donated a knitting kit.

I thought it would also be nice to have a big yarn bouquet to auction off. So here's my contest idea. Dig through your stash and send me yarn. Good stuff - I'm not normally a yarn snob but this is for my boys so snobbish I shall be (this time). Nothing you can get at the big chain stores.

For every 200 yards you send you will get one entry to this contest. What's the prize?

The Medallion Bag (that's a Ravelry link):

This pattern and enough yarn to make it in the colors of your choice! And, of course, the obligatory Stitch Saver of your choice!

My address is:
Ruth Moline
POB 3832
Parker, CO 80134

And the contest is open until May 10. After that I will have a drawing for the winner.

Fundraising fool, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Ohh, I have exactly the right stuff to send you in my stash. I'm glad the deadline isn't until May; I may not see my stash before then ;-)

WandaWoman said...

Dude, I'm in. I'll bring something when I see you. Maybe a few somethings.

Nell said...

I can definitely participate in this one!

La said...

Ooooh! I have all sorts of yarns I could choose from. Would you prefer 100% wool, wool blends, or something more summery, like Manos Stria or a garment's worth of Berocco Linet. Of course, I'll have to skein the Berocco back up, and I THINK I still have all the ballbands...hmmmm

CarrieM said...

How about some Koigu KPPPM?

janet said...

I'll have to buy some good yarn to enter your contest but I'll count your mac and cheez story as a recipe for mine. It was so sweat and yummy I think it might be the best version yet. Thanks for sharing.

sophanne said...

Hey Ruth- more yarn on the way- watch the mail. This is a great contest. DeStashing without guilt or knitting yarn you're tired of. I'm loving it.