Monday, March 3, 2008

P is for Parenting

My friend Rachel wrote a letter to her daughter asking why she'd powdered Rachel's room. I remember a similar incident involving me, my grandma's face powder and some water from the bathroom sink. Luckily, I contained my mess to the bathroom. If not, I believe my gma would've actually killed me, even though I was 4. I remember her face, livid and red, contorted and I could see the level of restraint she was trying to maintain. I got spanked - good and hard, but not fatal.

As a parent, I've said things that give pause. Just the other day, I told T, "Don't put your neck on that when you're bouncing!" And Dave laughed. I shot him a look because we're not supposed to laugh when the other is scolding - undermines one's authority and all that. He said, "Did you ever in your life think that sentence would, not only come out of your mouth but actually make sense??" He's right! I laughed, too.

There's so many things you say and do as a parent that you would never even think of before having kids. Things you wouldn't dream of doing in polite society - but when your little one is freaking out because he's sneezed and there's now a giant boogie hanging out of his nose... There's not a tissue in sight and you know if you don't do something fast, he'll have a meltdown. Luckily you're walking past a spot of snow on the ground. Swipe and wipe into the snow. If someone sees and is grossed out, too damn bad.

And the laughs! The boys had a school dance a coupla weeks ago and they were both recovering from really bad colds. Dave was telling the little one, "You have to get better or you can't go to the dance." He said in this little, innocent, earnest tone, "I'm trying." I can't convey the tone he used in writing but it was so sweet and funny, it just cracked us up! And watching them do The Robot dance - awesome!

This parenting thing is the hardest thing I've ever even attempted. I'm a starter, I start things and have a hard time finishing because I get interested in something else. I usually have at least 8 things on needles at any given time. I have lots of projects I conceive but for one reason or another, they never come to fruition. You don't get that option with parenting. It's the wildest ride and it trys my patience, heals my soul, makes me cry with sadness/frustration/happiness.

There's so many things I miss about my life pre-kids. Going out dancing. Getting in the car and taking an impromptu trip. Going to the bathroom by myself. But there are so many pay-offs that it's been a good trade. I often wonder if I'll miss it when I actually can go to the restroom without company. It's starting to happen already (although the cat is taking up the slack. sigh.). They don't come in to our room on Saturday mornings as much as they used to. That was always my favorite part of the week, when they'd climb in with us and we'd all be snuggling together under the covers watching cartoons, dozing, tickle fighting. We'd be all settled in and our little one would sigh, "Family". They still come in most of the time but they don't stay as long.

I love watching them grow up. It's the most fascinating thing I've ever experienced. It's just happening so damn fast!

Glad there's only two of 'em, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

Great post. True, so true.

sophanne said...

little one "family" how sweet-

Nell said...

Now I kinda want one! I want to have a little family!