Sunday, March 9, 2008

V is for Validated

When I got back stateside, from being stationed in Germany, I landed at Ft. Huachuca. I'd finagled that landing on purpose because of a boy. One of the dumber things I've accomplished. Not the Ft. Huachuca part, I liked it there. The following the boy part. Or at least that particular boy.

Anyway. We were at this party together, everyone was drinking and talk turned to shows from our childhood. Puff 'n Stuff, The Electric Company, and other psychedelic 70's shows. I remembered a movie I'd seen and brought it up. It was a high production (for the time) animated movie about a mouse who sells his soul to the devil to become a rock star. When he has his biggest show, his little varmint friends show up and try to save him. His little mouse girlfriend traded her soul for his and he was saved. Since it was such a selfless act, she was saved too.

Everyone stared at me blankly. No one had ever heard of anything even resembling that show and my boyfriend teased me about it, saying I must've dreamed it. I knew I hadn't and I've been asking people on and off about that damn movie ever since.

OK, so last week, I'm on the phone with Rachel and brought up that movie. Rachel, who is clearly smarter then me, googled "mouse sells soul to devil" and the movie popped up! It's this one - The Devil and Daniel Mouse.

I had the mice mixed up, it was the girlfriend mouse who sold out to record producer B.L. Zeebub, not the boy mouse. Other then that, I was Dead. On.

My ex-boyfriend used to tease me mercilessly about that movie and usually in front of the friends from the party. Whenever he felt I was "acting smarter" then him, he'd bring it up. (I said he was a mistake, right?)

HA!! Take that, you little shit! I'm just childish enough that I want to buy a copy of that movie and mail it to him. However, a) it only comes in a used VHS for $40 off and b) I have no idea where the little shit is. His name's Aaron Brown and he's from Seattle and he's not this Aaron Brown. Last I heard, he'd been stationed at Ft. Benning, GA and that was in 1995 or 1996. Also, when we moved to CO, I found a box full of pic's with him and there's a bunch of pic's of his family from when we went to his sister's wedding in Seattle. His sister's name is Tia and I'm sure they'd like those pictures. He has an older brother, too but I can't remember his name.

I also have a book I read in the late 70'/early 80's and I can't remember the name of it. Because it deals with children whose adventures begin in an attic, whenever I google it, Flowers in the Attic always comes up. It's not that. Googling led me to this site called Stump The Bookseller. My Stumper is K112. Anyone know that book?

Wish that movie was on DVD, Ruth!


Cynthia A. said...

If you find him, you could email him this

Now, don't you feel better?

Becca said...

The things we do for boys, huh? That was very snotty of him to bring that movie up all the time, you are far better off without him, which I'm sure you know.

When I finished EOD school, I called my assignment manager to discuss where I'd get stationed. (Ours was such a small MOS we could do that.) I was all set to follow a boy to Ft. Bragg, even though I really didn't want to go to that unit. The manager happened to mention Italy and I took a deep breath and said, "Sure. Italy sounds great." So glad I didn't follow that rotten boy, not in the least because I met DH on that plane to Italy!

I've never heard of that movie, either though. Just think, without Google, you'd still be wondering.

5elementknitr said...

Thanks cynthia a.! The link I had for that movie is also a YouTube link.

Yarnhog said...

I couldn't find K112 on that site. I think once they're solved, they move it, so maybe yours is solved. Did you ever read "Time at the Top" about the kids who find a passage into another time in the attic, or its sequel "Time After Time"? I loved those.

Cynthia A. said...

Um.... Doh!?

Teaches me not to follow links :)