Friday, March 7, 2008

T is for Time

Daylight Savings is this weekend.

Living in Tucson for 10 years, I never had to mess with my clocks. I was shocked when I found out that this is something the state of Arizona voted on. I know, as Einstein says, time is relative but it struck me as surreal that it was something you could decide on with a ballot.

Time is an issue with so many of us. Not enough hours in the day. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just decide for ourselves what hours we want to use? To vote on what we want a 24 hour period to look like? Don't like mornings? Fine - you get late afternoon and evenings, never a sunrise to bother you.

Time is relative. Time flies when you're having fun. Time waiting for a package of yarn goes slow while time between your bill statements is never long enough.

And, as knitters, aren't we, often, especially delusional about time? I'm knitting Icarus and I thought I'd be done by now. Not. Even. Close. Bud. I forgot that knitting with cobweb takes a lot longer then knitting with rope.

Time also plays tricks with my memory. Always. I am stunned to realize that next month marks 12 years that I've been out of the Army. And June marks 20 years since my high school graduation. They both seem like things that happened just a couple of years ago.

Then there's the boys. I can't believe T has been in our lives for nearly 7 years and D2 for nearly 5. Yet it seems like they've been a part of us as far back as I can remember. Time spent playing with them is much nicer then time spent trying to get them to school or bed. Time spent with the husband after they are in bed is always quite nice, too!

Time. Wish I had more of it. Happy for what I do have.

Springing forward, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

I HATE DST. What a stupid-*ss idea. Let's just...change time! Cause it wasn't hard enough without arbitrarily changing it to confuse people even more. Cause, you know, the cows need it. Or something. And since it's already so stupid, let's make it two months LONGER. For absolutely no reason. Yeah. That's a great plan. Stupid.

Nell said...

Time does seem to be flying lately. The older I get, the faster it goes it seems.