Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stinker Kid

Had this random memory this morning:

So there I was...

At the park with T and D2. D2 was only a couple of months old so T was around 2 years old. We were at our playgroup and we'd been there for almost 2 hours.

Now T was always entirely too social. I got him a red bucket hat because it was easy to spot and that kid would be far afield in about 2 seconds. He would also take people by the hand, even before he could talk, and pull them around to show them something. Strangers. Heart attacks for me every time.

So, as I said, we'd been there for quite some time. I couldn't exactly chase him around like usual as I had D2 in the stroller and anyway, I was exhausted, sleepless and done for the day. I told him the obligatory 5 minute warning that we were leaving. After about 2 minutes, I told him it was time to go. He didn't want to leave.

I ended up carrying him a la Calvin & Hobbes mom (sideways) and he was kicking and hollering. Guess what he was hollering.

"Help me! Help me!"

Other parents were looking at me in a suspicious way and thankfully some of the moms in my group helped out by saying, "It's OK, T - mommy's just taking you home."

I remember wondering why I'd had kids at all. I also remember whispering to myself, "Ooooh T. You are so dead when we get home.

I took us home and put everyone to bed.

Love those boys, Ruth!

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sophanne said...

too funny- once when I was 3 I allegedly got new pink underwear with ruffles and showed them to everyone on the city bus when I was wearing them.

Olga said...

I remember when I was about 10 1/2 months preggers with my second and I was at a store with my oldest, she was about 2and half, and she kept running away from me into the clothing racks because she knew I couldn't get her, and when I finally was able to drag her out I told her in the hissed clenched teeth voice" You gonna get it when we get home" And as I drug her out by her hand she was wailing at the top of her voice" Don't BEAT ME! Mommy- DON"T BEAT ME!" Sooo, your story sure hits home with me.....

Me7of11 said...

I used to carry my daughter home from the park slung over like a sack of potatoes, dragging her bike along beside me. She'd be kicking and screaming and I'd be chanting the Hail Mary. My husband, God love 'em, would hear us coming and would meet me on the corner and just take her away.

BTW--the word verifcation code I have to plug in to leave my comment is "drugum". Get it? Drugum--as in, "I drug um home". LOL!

Nell said...

I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. But what a great story! Kids are too funny.