Friday, February 8, 2008

J is for Jackass

Yesterday, at the post office (of which I've had many problems with recently), I had to go through the sloooooow line. I usually use the automated centers but for some reason, it's stopped allowing stuff to go overseas.

Usually, when you get to the part where you punch in the zip code, there's an "International" button. You push that, select your country of choice, and it kicks out the necessary postage. Well, it wouldn't do that yesterday. So - the line. sigh.

When I get to the front, I get the old guy. Bob. Hate Bob. I ask him why the automated things aren't doing the International postage anymore. He says, "It's not allowed for anything going overseas."
Me: What changed? It used to allow it.
Bob: Nope. Never did.
Me: Yes it has, I've used it.
Bob: Nope. Never happened.

WTF?? So basically he's telling me I'm insane and I've hallucinated using that machine to get postage and send packages to Singapore, Spain, Puerto Rico, Canada, England....

I saw it was useless to argue with someone who's mind was so clearly set in stone so I shut my mouth (shocker, right?) and finished my business and left.

Also, I forgot to tell y'all about the traffic jam last week.

My husband calls from his FedEx truck and asks me to check the news to see if I can determine why he's been sitting in one place for over 20 minutes. It was quarter to 5 - no news was on and there were no local tickers or anything so he got no information from me. 10 minutes later, Rachel calls (from that same traffic mess) and tells me the scoop.

Apparently, our beloved President (coughjackasscough) had to come through. Not only did they shut down E470 - they wouldn't even let anyone drive underneath it (which is what caused the traffic snarl where Dave and Rachel were stuck). Nor were they redirecting traffic so as to avoid this mess.

The stopped traffic was only supposed to take 3 minutes. The Prez was 20 minutes late, so they just kept it stopped until he made it through.

This pisses me off. Why would he do that to people? I understand he has an overly busy, tight schedule to keep. I understand issues of national security (I've encountered them firsthand) and that you don't want people knowing when and where he'll be at all times so no one takes a potshot at him. But seriously - could he not have waited an hour so as to miss ruining an already difficult rush hour?? There's no one he could've met for dinner? Or drinks? It's not like he has to be on time to make his flight. It's his plane!! It ain't leaving until he gets there.

Traffic was a mess for miles. And for hours. The daycare people at our elementary school said the last parent showed up after 7p (they normally close at 6p). What a jerk.

Can't wait to start my vacation, Ruth!


Nell said...

As we all know, I'm in an epic battle with the post office. They might not know but that's another issue. But I LOVE the APC. And it definitely used to let you do international. I will do almost everything to avoid actually going to the PO. I know it's a good deal to send something for $0.41 all over the country. But I really would pay more to avoid the hassle!

Anonymous said...

You story reminded me of Rudy, who used to work at the main downtown post office in Minneapolis. I had a student job at the U that required me to make daily trips to that post office, as did several others at my office. We used to compare Rudy stories. He was s-l-o-w. But not a jerk like your guy.

Or like the motorcade guy who shall remain nameless.

WandaWoman said...

At my local po, the APC never allowed international. I think it must have at one point, but then I saw notices on my APC that you couldn't send it international packages, those have to be done by a postal clerk now. Where r u going on vacay?