Wednesday, February 6, 2008

H is for Handy

I've been making these keychains...

I got the idea from Girl on the Rocks tutorial. I tried the bendy thing but they kept breaking so I went and got me a Dremel. Love the power tools!

I've been cranking them out like crazy!

Yesterday, I made about 32 of them and it took me about 2 hours. Well, 3 hours if you count the hour I wasted putting together the little work bench I bought. I bought some safety glasses but they are the slide on style and with my little peanut head, every time I look down, they fall off. Also, about 10 minutes before I finished the power tool section of creating these little bastards, I noticed all this metal dust everywhere. It occured to me that much of that was going into my lungs! Yea, aluminum dust. Probably going to be getting a face mask for next time.

I'm not terribly handy but, apparently, I can swing a Dremel with a modicum of skill.

And, also yesterday, I did some more snow shoveling. I like to shovel snow. I don't want to do it as a career or anything, but I like the break it gives me from small, loud people that inhabit my home. I put my ipod to use and go to town on the powdery stuff.

Yesterday was a great opportunity for it as we'd got about a foot of snow dumped on us overnight. I went to do the shoveling but the snow shovel was gone. I thought Dave had taken it with him in case his truck got stuck. So I used the only other option available. The kid's snow shovel. It's very small. And short. Even for me, at 5'2". It took me close to an hour and a big backache later but the driveway was cleared.

Then when Dave came home, I asked him about the shovel and he told me he hadn't taken it, that it was in the back yard!! sigh. I went looking for it today, but it's buried under all that new snow. He can find it. And he can shovel next time.

Power tools makin' me giggle, Ruth!

P.S. The keychains are in my new Etsy store if you're interested.


Quail Hill Knits said...

Those little keychains are seriously cool. I will be checking out Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Great little keychains!

I'm giggling picturing you shoveling with the kids shovel ;)

Olga said...

Love the key chains too! We call it 'scooping' the snow here, I was corrected about that alot! I like doing it once in while, good work out, but not everyday.

Nell said...

How cute is that?!?!?

Sam said...

Love my little stitch picker upper. It's a great idea and I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes in Etsy!

Faith! said...

These are fantastic! I know I'd just end up using one and would look like a lunatic, all the keys a'jangling.