Monday, February 25, 2008

M is for Movies

I watch a LOT of movies. I watch them while I'm making my Stitch Savers. I watch them while I go through the hundreds of resumes I get every day. I watch about a movie a day.

While my husband says I'll watch anything, I don't actually like them all. I will watch anything. I just got Season 3 of MST3K from the library. I discovered this show when I was stationed in Germany. My clinic had a secretary for awhile who was my age and married but her husband was in the field a lot, so she'd come over to my barracks room and we'd hang out. Her family would tape shows for her and mail them (since the shows on AFN in Germany were always a minimum 6 months behind). One day she brought a tape of MST3K over. Laughed ourselves stupid!

Anyway, I've seen several episodes of MST that I have to admit I've actually watched on my own. The full length versions of these horrible, cheesy movies. I love the Chiller channel and it drives my husband nuts. For me, the cheesier, the better!

But lately, I've seen some really great films. I know it's been forever since my last movie review but here goes....

In my last movie review, I mentioned that I was going to watch TransAmerica. I eventually did and it was fantastic. It was funny and touching and sad and I'm glad it didn't have the typical American happy-go-lucky ending. I also (around that time) tried to watch Syriana. I have, maybe 3 movies in my lifetime where I didn't watch the whole thing, no matter how bad. This was one of them. Not because it was a bad movie, more because of actual content. The sound was bad (the background noise/music being 10 times louder then the speaking and I couldn't hear real well), so I had a hard time following the story line. Then the (SPOILER ALERT)

death of that child and the torture of Clooney's character - I couldn't watch it.

OK, more recently....

I watched Volver with Penelope Cruz. Normally not a huge fan of her but this foreign film was outstanding! It's dubbed which made for some difficult knitting but I managed. It's a really great film and I highly recommend it.

The Kingdom - holy shit! What a ride! This is one of the most intense movies I've seen in a long time. It doesn't stop pretty much throughout the entire piece. I have a friend stationed in Saudi Arabia that I worry about and now I worry even more. They have a somewhat Hollywood ending but the last minute of the film (where they are switching back and forth btw the FBI agents and the little Saudi boy) are absolutely blood-chilling.

Mr. Brooks - I thought this movie was going to be really stupid. I only rented it because I wanted to see how Kevin Costner did as a villain. Surprisingly well, I gotta say! And this movie was nothing like I thought it would be. From the previews, it looked like Costner's killer was a serial killer (which he was) being blackmailed by some man (played by Dane Cook and that part's true, also). What I didn't expect was the fact that Costner's character was split and the other side of him was played (quite well and creepily) by William Hurt. Also, Mr. Brooks treats his killing like an addiction and attends 12 step program meetings to try and keep it in check (writing about that makes that part seem dorky but it works in the film). It's a well thought out movie and if it came off a book, I'd love to read it.

Perfect Stranger - not as compelling but still entertaining. I love Giovanni Ribisi!

Fracture - can't get enough of Anthony Hopkins! This one was a little predictable but like he did on Oprah - he could read the phone book and I'd show up.

The Lion in Winter - This is one of my all-time favorites. Katherine Hepburn is my favorite actress and of her early films, Philadelphia Story is my favorite. Of her later stuff - Lion in Winter, hands down. Also one of Anthony Hopkins first films! The only thing I never liked about this film is the fact that when it was over, they never told you who succeeded Henry! I'm guessing, I could easily find out (what with Wikipedia and Google and all) but I'm hoping, if you've read this far, maybe one of y'all knows.

There's tons of other movies and I remember, recently, thinking, 'Man! I've seen a lot of good movies lately!' But my brain is small and I didn't write them down.

Cranium like a sieve, Ruth!


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Becca said...

When I was stationed in Italy in the early 90's, my dad would send me the TV guide. I'd highlight the shows I liked and he'd record a whole mess of stuff and send me a big box of videotapes. I can remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 that my dad sent me. AFN drove me bonkers.

I haven't seen any of those movies. The last one I watched was Waitress with Keri Russell. Ehn, it was okay. Not as good as the Blockbuster clerk promised me.

I think MSTK great, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the movie recommendations. I shall save them up until after tax season and then order them one by one from the library.

Olga said...

Richard the Lion Hearted who the whole Robun Hood thing popped up while he was at the Crusades!!!!DING DING DING! I'll take a vowel for fifty Jack!

Nell said...

I LOVED The Kingdom. We almost missed our flight home after Christmas because we had to see the ending.

Rooie said...

I remember seeing Lion in Winter with my mom. And we walked out thinking that there was Richard, the favorite of his father, and John (I think) the favorite of his mother...and we both thought (based on what we saw in the movie) that Geoffrey would have made the best king.

Great movie, though.