Thursday, February 7, 2008

I is for Indecisive

We are going on vacation next week (so no sneaking over to steal my yarn stash, OK!). I always cast on something new when we head out on a vacation. Thankfully, it's not the only time I cast on as this is our first vacation in 3 years!

I've been racking my brain as to what to take! I know I'm going to take a sock pattern (and yarn and dpns) and I even know which one for this. But I can't think of which sweater pattern I want to take. I have taken the Bed Jacket out of time out and really just want to take and try to finish that but what if I get out there and get stuck again!? I was going to take Juliet but the yarn I custom ordered (that fall down the stash stairs at Etsy I had. OK, the second fall) is being mailed from Canada tomorrow and won't be here in time.

I thought about Tubey (which was in my 2008 Knitting Goals) but then I've got to figure out the provisional cast on and knitting with black yarn on a plane seems a bit of a strain on the eyes when I think about it.

I'm leaning towards Wicked but have many questions and a whole lot of ball-winding that needs to be done first. I've asked Becky about it since she used the same yarn I'll be using and she's already finished hers.

I'm probably going to take the skein of yarn I won from Rabbitch (well, made by Rabbitch, won from LibbyLoo) to make a So-Called Scarf.

sigh. Any suggestions?

Too many choices, Ruth!

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Nell said...

I vote Wicked. There's a lot of stockinette to keep you occupied but you can't really mess it up while looking at the scenery.