Sunday, December 23, 2007


Is anyone else childish enough to giggle whenever they hear that word?

In this post, there will be many balls. [snigger]

I hung out at the new yarn store yesterday. I helped Jen rearrange some balls of yarn. [tee hee] And, yes, of course I bought a skein. It's this lovely alpaca. Nachaele hit it right when she had some in her hand and said, "This feels like it will melt if I touch it too long." I also worked on one of the skull-n-crossbones hats for the boys. (As of last night, all I have left to do with those is seam up the second one. I'll take pic's, on xmas day, with them wearing the hats.) I also got to hang out with Sam and Nachaele. Lovely women all!

We have a few Xmas balls [ha ha ha] that don't have ornament hooks. The boys keep insisting they can fit them on the tree without them. They stick the tiny circle meant for said hooks (or, as in our house, bent paper clips) onto the tiniest ends of pine tree branches. So every morning, I come downstairs to a shiny floor filled with red or silver balls [hee hee].

My inlaws come over on Friday evenings for pizza and movie night. Last Friday, they came over with a big plate of Sausage Balls [AHAHAHAHAHA]. Here's the recipe for this delightful appetizer:

Sausage Balls
1 lb. chub of Jimmy Dean sausage
2 cups of biscuit mix (a la Bisquick)
4 cups of shredded cheese - cheese must be taken out of fridge and let rest to room temperature

Mix all together thoroughly in a bowl. Make meatballs [snicker] and put in 350 degree oven on cookie sheet until cooked through. Serve and smile!

My MIL was saying how they cook up so nice and there's not even any grease in the pan. In her mind, this makes them healthy. In my mind, it's just all that Bisquick soaking it in!

Happy Holiday everyone!

I said BALLS, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

That word makes me laugh too! Yesterday was fun and thanks for classifying us as "lovely"! I think that is so cute that Sam says that about people, wish I was English! :)

Speaking of lovely, you should use your blog picture for your Ravelry picture! :)

sophanne said...

mini-balls chocolate balls bouncy balls golf balls high society balls rum balls

and I haven't blocked wicked so I can't answer you about the bottom ribbing yet.

Anonymous said...

Chuckling here about the Bisquick soaking up all the grease :) My mother used to try to tell me that homemade chocolate chip cookies were bad for you because they good stuff in them, like flour and eggs. And sugar and butter. Um, sure, Mom.

Sam said...

Hi Ruth, lovely to meet you. :o) Hope to meet up at the store again soon. Love the skull hats that you are working on. Wishing you a fun-filled Christmas with your family, Sam.