Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Mouths of Babes

On Tuesday mornings, I volunteer at Trev's school.

Last week, while we were waiting in line to go to recess, the girl behind Trevor was telling me how she'd fixed her own hair that morning.

Girl: I fixed my own hair today.
Me: Well you did a great job! It looks really nice.
Girl: Thanks. I did it all by myself. It was really hard, too. See? I put two ponytails in the back.
Me: You did a fine job!
Girl: Did you fix your own hair today?
Me: Yes, I always have to fix my own hair.
Girl: [....head tilted, contemplates my hair.... then says, rather sadly] You didn't do a very good job.
Me: That's OK.


Hair-styling impaired, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

Ouch. When I was volunteering in my first grader's class last year, one of the boys looked closely at my head and exclaimed, "Your hair is GREY!" (For the record, my hair is red. There is just a LITTLE grey in it!)

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Kids are brutally honest. I once chaperoned for a field trip at my daughter's pre-school. On the way to the school, I had a coffee. I was talking to one little girl and right in the middle of a sentence, the girl said "ewww, your breath smells bad!"

Now that hurt!

maylin said...

Kids can be so embarrassing too. Thanks for your helpful advice on my blog.

Nell said...

That's cute. Kids are so funny!

Diane said...

hahaha. Next time use throw in a couple shiney barrettes and that's all the little ones will discuss.

sophanne said...

ditto on the sparkly barrettes- or else just have some gray hair. Last year at "Halloween Time" a 2nd grader told me that she loved the sparklees decorating my hair. I told her I didn't put in any sparklees. She said, "yes you did, they're gray."

WandaWoman said...

That's just not right. Yikes!

knitnzu said...

So here's a great one from the 4 year old daughter of one of my co-workers... mommy when I grow up I won't be a man, right. No dear, you'll be a woman, like me. I don't want to be a woman, I want to be a paleontologist. (ha!) Mom told her she could be both. Then she wanted to know if she was a paleontologist would she have to work alone. No, mom told her about coworkers. So kiddo wanted to enlist her friend Dylan to be a paleontologist with her.

Yarn Thing said...

OMG...I found that so funny! You know once, I was at a Pampered Chef party for a woman I hardly knew surrounded by people I really didn't know all the while I was 8 months pregnant. Well, I only got up one time from my seat on the couch and when I did the 9 year old behind the couch said as loudly as she could..."You have a BIG BUTT!" I was humiliated and left the party soon after. All I could think about was the FAT girl sitting there at a Pampered Chef party...how ironic :-)


Romi said...


I always remind myself that most all of the time, kids say stuff in total innocence. They sure can be hard on your ego!

Chris said...