Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conversations With The Boys

This morning after running errands, Davis was sitting in the backseat reading a book when he said rather sadly, "I wish I was young again." He's 4.

I asked how young did he want to be and he said: 1.
Me: Why 1?
Davis: Because it's more fun when you're 1.
Me: How so? Aren't you having fun now?
Davis: No. Too many errands.

Here's some other things the boys have said lately...

Conversation with Trevor on the way home from school yesterday…
T: Mom, when I grow up and move out, I’ll meet you all the time.
Me: Of course! I’d love that.
T: We can eat if you want.
Me: Sure, we’ll go to lunch. Where should we go?
T: We can go anywhere because when I’m all grown I will like all the vegetables and fruits
Me: Really? Even broccoli?
T: Yes and radishes too
Me: You know, Davis tried a radish yesterday and he liked it, you should try one and see if you like it
T: OK. It’s got apple skin and onion inside
Me: Does it? I didn’t know!

When we got home, Gma asked me when Trev’s next vacation from school,
he said: Saturday and Sunday.

Dave: Hey Trev, the Phillies are playing the Rockies
Trev: Go Rockies!
Dave: Do you know what Phillies are?
Trev: It’s what you put in donuts.

Conversations with Davis
D: Someday can we go to Texas?
Me: Sure, honey. Why do you want to go to Texas?
D: To pet horses. Because there’s horses in Texas.
Me: That’s right! There are horses in Texas. There’s horses here, too. Did you know that?
D: (pauses to really ponder this) Well… the really good ones are in Texas

Davis came into the bathroom while I was using it. This happens all the time but if I'm doing more then just peeing I tell him to beat it because I need a privacy (which is what the boys say when they want to be alone, "I need a privacy". Or in Davie's case, "I need a piracy.").
Davis said: No. I'm going to stay to help you.
Me: Thanks, but I'm OK.
Davis: No. You need help.
Me: Kid, you have no idea...
So he stayed. Sat on the floor and read a book. sigh.

Still laughing, Ruth!


Throws Like A Girl said...

Hee hee! Kids rule!

knitnzu said...

Funny kids!

Nell said...

So cute. Those are some very wise boys.

Anonymous said...

Kids are so funny!

Diane said...

All the good horses are in Texas. Ya learn something new every day.

Me7of11 said...

"I wish I was young again." LOL--THAT is why people have kids.

Sunflowerfairy said...

"The really good ones are in Texas"

Wholly crap, that's funny.

I love hearing what kids have to say.

sophanne said...

It seriously makes you want to just send him a Texas horse and have a privacy with them hangin' out.