Monday, October 29, 2007


Guess what I got to do this weekend…..

I took the “Combination Knitting and Cable W/O a Cabling Needle” class. It was such a blast! There were 19 women in the class (plus 3 more that didn’t show up) and Annie Modesitt is one very funny teacher.

The whole class was laughing most of the time. She’d use her body to demonstrate stitches and how they sat on the needles, she had huge wooden needles that she’d hold aloft and demonstrate knitting. And her analogies for the techniques were hilarious.
Her class had philosophy…

Annie Modesitt’s Rule of 5 - Give everything in your life at least 5 chances. With knitting, give it at least 5 rows

And recipes…
She says there’s a dip she loves and uses with Frito’s: Mix a little bit of chopped red onion with equal parts ketchup and peanut butter. Yes, the whole class was a little grossed out and she knew it but she said, “As gross as it sounds, someone in this class will go home and try and then let me know how good it is!”

And the information. Wow! Combination Knitting is wonderfully efficient and makes for a more even tension. If you find some “rowing” in your knitting, I highly suggest you learn this technique. “Rowing” isn’t something I’ve really had a problem with. It’s when the rows in your knitting, particularly stockinette stitch, look uneven. It’s usually because your purling is looser then your knitting. I also like Combo knitting because it takes less yarn, which means… more yarn for me, right? Whatever. Anyway, it’s a great technique.

The class went a little over the designated time frame and when I got home, I was all aglow. Dave said, “You’re never that happy at home!” I corrected him and told him that I AM that happy at home, but since he sees me every day and all day on the weekends, he forgets what it looks like. I told him that if I got out of the house more often (especially in the company of other knitters), he’d remember this happy face more often.

Now for the super-spectacular part of the day…

I got to give Annie a massage! Yes, I emailed her and asked if she’d like a massage Saturday after the classes and she said yes, that would be great! We emailed back and forth and settled on a trade. She gave me (I can’t even think about it without giggling madly) a private lesson!!!

I almost felt bad about it, she was tired and had had a long day already. She taught me all kinds of little things and she ended by showing me how to do an afterthought heel on a sock. The demo sock was one she was making for her son. The yarn was dark and she was having a hard time seeing the stitches she needed to pick up so I helped her (I was closer to the light). I helped Annie Modesitt make a sock! (just kiddin’)

She kept saying she felt like a charlatan showing me these small things and I said, “No way! It’s enormously helpful and I’m learning a lot!”

Then I got to give her a massage. That was so cool! I also felt like a charlatan. It was her first massage ever and while I am a pretty excellent massage therapist, a person’s first massage (with a few unfortunate episodes I’ve heard of) is usually awesome.

We talked and laughed and I, personally, had an excellent time. When we were done, she tipped me with wine, ice cream, her flip-books and this book (which she was gracious enough to sign for me).

What a day, what a night, what a fine time.

Still glowing, Ruth!

P. S. Yes, that's me wearing the Annie Modesitt designed sweater from Stitch and Bitch that I made. It's the first sweater I've made with sleeves! She said it looked really good on me, very flattering and I said it's because it's such a flattering design. (I'm such a geeky suck-up!)


WandaWoman said...

::so jealous:: Sounds like a great time and so awesome that you got a private lesson too. The sweater is very flattering on you too!

Nell said...

What a great time! I love that you made such a nice trade. Very, very cool!

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you! Sounds wonderful and both you AND Annie look very happy!

sophanne said...

Holy crap-my brain would be totally exploding!

Hooray for you!

knitnzu said...

I'm so glad for you! It sounds like the class was great, just on its own... but then the private lesson and massage and everybody delighted all around? Life should always be that good.

Yarnhog said...

Wow, how cool!

Tammy said...

What fun! I'm glad you had such a great day!

kmkat said...

Annie is awesome! Color me green with envy. But you paid her well; I can't think of many people who deserve a good massage more than her. Do you read her blog? She has been through a lot in the past 8 months.

Chris said...

Wow, I'll be able to say that I got a massage from the famous Ruth, massage therapist to the knitting stars! ;)

Hey, did you get handouts?? I took that class and she promised to send us the handouts she forgot and she never did. :(

Yarn Thing said...

That is so funny! I took the Double Knitting class on Sunday and she was talking about how great her massage was.

She even kept hitting her chair with her foot and told us it was "a feather" sign. She then explained the whole thing.

Too funny that it was YOU, MY FRIEND, who got to have so much fun with Annie!!

I too had a good time! Wish you could have taken the class with me or I you...but it wasn't in the cards! Maybe next time :-)


Susan said...

Awesome!!!! What a completely fabulous adventure!

Romi said...

How wonderful! I'm so jealous. :)