Friday, November 30, 2012

P is for Priorities

In the past ten days, I've received notice of two deaths.  That makes three for this year.  I think that's enough for one year, right? 

Nicole was one of the first friends I made when we moved from AZ to CO.  We met through our blogs, and since our kids were about the same age, we got together for a few playdates.  We lived at complete opposite ends of Denver, so we weren't able to get together often and mostly kept in touch through our blogs, emails, and Facebook.

About 4 years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was really tough going, but she beat it.  There were many complications along the way, but she was cancer free at the end. 

Four months ago, she found out it was back.  And it was in her bones.

I can't imagine how hard it was for her.  Just hearing about it devastated me, and I wasn't the one with cancer! 

I pm'd my Team Leader and told him, "I don't know how I can stand these people tonight.  I just want to scream, "It's back and it's in her BONES" when they drone on and on about their fucking bullshit VIDEO GAME problems."  He told me to take the night off.  I did.

Last Wednesday, someone close to Nicole posted that she passed away. 

I couldn't stop crying and my husband told me to sign off work.  I did. 

He took me out and got me nice and drunk.  And fed me pizza.  He's the best.

Truthfully, Nicole and I weren't as close as we would've liked to've been.  If we lived even remotely closer to each other, we would have hung out a lot.  We both knit and had little kids.

That's what devastates me the most about it all.  Her daughter is the same age as my little guy and her little guy is 3 years younger - 9 and 6. 

9 and 6 seems too young to lose your mom.  All I can think of is them having to grow up without her.  She was a wonderful mom and she will be so missed.

I also found out that my high school sweetheart's mom passed away a few days ago.  When Drew and I were together, things at my house were bad enough that I moved out when I was 17.  His family was closer to me (and treated me better) than my own.

Again, found out while I was working.  I cried a bit, but it was close to the end of my shift, so I held it together.  As soon as I was off work, I called Drew and we talked for nearly an hour.  I cried and we laughed about all kinds of stuff. 

Just like I told my TL - it's so hard to listen to people get all bunched up over a fucking game when people are losing their moms. 

Three in one year.  Two in the past ten days. 

Yep, that's enough, Ruth!

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Pretty Knitty said...

Oh, Ruth. I am so sorry for these losses.