Sunday, November 18, 2012

N is for November

Yes, I totally skipped the letter N.  Yes, I'm completely cheating by putting it where it should have been.

Raise your hand if you're ecstatic that the elections are over!  Those damn commercials. 
I always say that the presidency should be one term - six years.  It seems the second half of their first term trying to get re-elected instead of being presidential.

And WTF with everyone showing their crazy politics on Facebook?  I thought that was to be reserved for just plain crazy?

I am FB friends with this guy I knew in high school.  We'll call him Jerry.  I had the biggest crush on Jerry.  He was a year ahead of me and a popular jock, so he barely knew I existed.  Thing is, Jerry was kind to everyone.  He would go out of his way to be nice to people, and when another jock was being a dick to someone less popular, Jerry would step in and make them knock it off.

Now, on FB, he's posting this super-conservative teabag party type stuff.  It is flat-out RUINING my crush!  The childish part of me says, "If he had gone out with me, we would be married, and he never would've turned out like this!" hah!

Then there's this other chick that I barely knew in high school, but she friended me so, whatever.  She posts this super-crazy ass, compeltely unsubstantiated bullshit.  For some reason, when she posts it, it sucked me in every time!  Like other people would post things like that and I was all, "Who cares" but when she posted it, I'd have to call her on it.  I think it was the sheer amount and the so-over-the-top stuff she posted that would get me.

She would post stuff comparing Obama to Hitler.  I'd call her on it.  Then another friend of hers woudl say it's just a joke and I'd say, "yea.  Because Hitler's always SO funny."  She would post this incredibly divisive bullshit  - usually a phrase from a speech that was taken comPLETEly out of context.  Then when people would call her on it (not just me), she'd claim "freedom of speech". 

I saw her unfriend 2 other people for exercising THEIR freedom of speech at the crazy she'd post, so I knew it was only a matter of time.

After the election, she posted something from a blog called 2 Conservative Chicks (or something like that).  It said that if Mitt had won, the liberals would've made good on their promise, rioting in the streets and planning assassinations. 


So I commented on the post, "What utter bullsh*t.  Where do you even find this stuff?" 

She commented back, "Do I ever post vulgarity on your page?" blah, blah, blah and unfriended me. 


This was my response on my page:
Just got my first de-friending.

You are right, Jewellee, you've never posted foul language on my page. Maybe because, unlike you, I refrain from posting poisonous, vitriolic, unsubstantiated, hateful things. You say, "so much for liberal "tolerance"" and, again - you are right. I have absolutely NO tolerance for anyone who regularly posts things that are blatantly taken out of context just to rile up a response. You post all this hateful crazy and then get mad when you get the ellicited response. Brilliant.

Just remember, posting all that divisive crap makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.

After the election, I read that the main reason Mitt didn't win was because the GOP couldn't separate him from the GOP extremists.  Way to go Jewellee and company, ya'll shot yourselves in the foot! hah!

Also, when my friends and I were on a yarn crawl, we saw some guy on the side of a busy intersection with a homemade sign on some big, busted-ass piece of wood.  On one side, it said, "Obama is a Muslim", on the other, "Clinton is a rapist".  Does he really think this is going to work?  Like you're going to see this one-step-above-homeless sign and say, "Oh. My. GOD!  I had NO idea?  He's so right?  I better go vote another way."

Which is exactly how I feel about all the ad campaigns.  Do they really think an ad is going to change anyone's mind?  Of course, there will be the usual lemmings that only vote by what the ads say, but those are few and far between!

And let's not even start on the discussion of how much money was spent on those campaigns.  Billions?  Wow.  What a waste of money that could have been spent in about a billion different ways.

In any case, the elections are over.  We are safe for another two years.  Safe from those damn ads! 

Seriously, though - I do hope Obama (and the Congress/Senate that has to approve anything that comes his way) can get more done now that he doesn't have to concentrate on getting re-elected.

Back to our regularly scheduled programs, Ruth!

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