Saturday, November 3, 2012

J is for Jealous

Then there's this....
Star Trek Skein + Pattern Swap
I didn’t recieve it because my post office is completely incompetent but I’m told it contained:
“There was 1 pattern for the Pendragon socks, a skein of purple fingering weight, a zombie project bag, a zombies are crap at knitting bag, a set of zombie stitch markers, and a drawing.”
So bummed I didn’t get it!
I went to the post office armed with my delivery confirmation number and this was the conversation:
THEM: It was delivered.
ME: Clearly not as I don’t have it.

Repeat those last two lines for about 5 minutes until the guy gave up and got the manager. Then repeat those same 2 lines for 10 minutes again until she finally just said, “I don’t know what else to say.”
Are you F#%ing kidding me??

Again - this was month's ago!  Turns out they had put the little red key in the wrong POB, just like they did a few years ago.  That time there were TWELVE little red keys in the wrong POB but no one had that box.  This time, someone had the box and they were nice enought to "return to sender" so I got the package eventually!
Then in April, I was in the Beltane Vampire Swap and got these goodies!

There was also some soaps and candy and a bunch of other goodies (if you look at the top pic, you can see some of them crowded around that cute bag)!
Then I was in a swap that was.... meh.  I won't say which one it was or what I got, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I will say it was very... big box store.  Not that there's really anything wrong with that, but I love when people support their LYS and small etsy-type places.   Another person in the same swap got a package that was actually subpar from what everyone else received.  It wasn't even really the bare minimum.  I felt bad for her and reached out after the swap was over.  I wanted to send her some goodies to make up since it was her first swap and didn't want her to give up on them.  We ended up having our own mini-swap with the same theme!  I haven't had a chance to take pic's of that but believe me - we hooked each other up!  She sent me TWO skeins of really good yarn, 3 patterns and a bunch of goodies, including a really beautiful lace cowl that buttons up the side!
Then it's been so long since I started this post back in March/April (Feb?), that it's now time for the Halloween Vampire Swap!
Why yes, that IS a coffin full of hot chocolate mix!
There was a metric ton of Canadian candy and she even put in 2 little goodie bags for my boys!

And she made these gorgeous bags!

And, again, TWO skeins of lovely yarn!


I'm so lucky!

Casting on and on and on, Ruth!

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