Tuesday, February 24, 2009

K is for Kids

I almost killed a little kid yesterday at the library.

I took my little guys (2 boys, 7 and 5) to an educational "Hawkquest" thing at the library. They had live, wild birds and the woman giving the presentation was obviously very passionate about them. She, just as obviously, didn't hang around little kids much as she gave the rules - sit still and be quiet for an hour. "Have you seen how little these kids are??", I thought. But actually, they all did really well!

Except for the little bugger behind me. He was about 5 or 6 and talked (albeit quietly) for the entire time. Even the woman pausing and glaring at him a couple of times didn't get him to be quiet. I wondered where his parents were. He was fascinated with my knitting. I put it in my purse when the birds came out (didn't know how they'd be with shiny, flashy things) and he edged closer and closer as the hour progressed. I felt him bump me and when I turned around I saw this kid leaning on my purse with his whole forearm inside my bag! At first I just let it be, but then I noticed his hands moving and saw that he was messing with my knitting in the bag. Again, where's his mom??

I tapped his arm gently and sort of shook my head so he'd move it. He did. I turned back to pay attention to the bird woman and that little shit punched me as hard as he could. Landed his stupid little fist right on the bone of my shoulderblade! I looked at him like he was nuts and I heard his mom whispering for him to leave me alone and then he put fist against my shoulder again (just a tap this time)! She harshly whispered something else to him and he said, "What? I'm being gentle this time!" I looked at him and as quietly as I could, through clenched teeth, told him, "Don't. touch. me."

His mom was sitting about 5' away from us and after the event was over, she made him come apologize to me and she apologized, too saying, "He gets a little overly physical." I thought, "Clearly. And if that's the case, maybe he should have been sitting next to you!", but just nodded and left with my boys. Seriously, who does that?

A couple of days ago, while we were driving around town, Davis made the announcement that he wasn't going to watch scary movies until he was 30.
Dave: Oh, you'll probably change your mind. You'll probably start liking them around age 15 or 16.
D2: Hmmm. I'm going to go with 30.
We thought that was pretty funny!

Last month, D2 asked Dave, "Is it January 20th?" and when Dave said no, D2 asked, "What kind of January is it?"

T is off track and has been very busy. Lots of video games for sure but he's also started making greeting cards and joke books. He made a great card for his gma's 80th birthday and yesterday made me a very sweet get well card (I've got a nasty cold right now - throat hurts!).

Sunday morning, he wanted to put on a circus. He said, "I'll be the clown and Davis can be the lion tamer!" The funny part about that (at least for us) is the fact that if they ever were in a circus, those jobs would suit their respective personalities perfectly! Later T put on a show for us - he was lion tamer, puppeteer and clown - 3 ring circus! Then D2 gave it a go. Good time!

Sick as I'm feeling, they always make me feel better. We're so lucky to have those little guys! And, for now, at least they don't go around punching total strangers!

Off to find my fake Dayquil, Ruth!


Lisa/knitnzu said...

Yikes about that kid! He probably has some issues, like asperger's or adhd or something, but his mom is not doing her job here. Just because these kids may have wild impulses doesn't mean they have any right to be in other people's space (including your bag and hitting you!)... And I know that they can learn this. geesh!

Yarnhog said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I would probably have been more in-your-face with the kid. What's with that mom?

Nell said...

Feel better soon!

Seriously, this world would be so much better if people just taught their kids some manners!

lupingirl said...

Your kids sound great, though! Not punching strangers does a lot to recommend them!