Thursday, March 5, 2009

L is for Loyalty

Are there brands of things you just can't do without? Things where there's just no substitute that will make you happy?

I'm all about thrift stores and generic products. If I go into a Gap or some other name store, I make a beeline for the sale racks.

There are a few products, however, where I will NOT skimp.

Q-tips - Every time I try generics on these, I always end up with a stick in my ear. Or an ear full of fuzz because the cotton isn't wrapped tight enough.

Neutrogena sesame oil - I use this lovely stuff every time after I shower. I just keep a big bottle in the shower and after I turn off the water, I use a quarter-sized squirt for my upper body and another for my lower body before I towel off. I'm never itchy from too-dry skin and I smell delicious! I can make a big bottle last for nearly a year!

Puffs Ultra - I blow my nose a lot. A lot! Forget about being sick, I blow my nose about 6 times a day on an average day. A few times in the morning and a few times before bed. I don't think I've ever breathed through both nostrils at the same time. Ever. I also have a very specific way I use the tissue. I blow my nose at least 4 times per tissue. (My friend is trying to get me to use a neti pot. I used to have one but got rid of it as I couldn't figure it out successfully.) If it's anything less then Puffs, I blow a hole in the tissue and that just grosses me out and pisses me off. If it's any other kind, I grab two and layer them. And I refuse to say "Kleenex", they are tissues. I don't want to give free advertising to a product I don't even use. Yea, I know. It's a stupid, anal-retentive (does that have a hyphen?) quirk. But it's gotta be Puffs and it's gotta be Puffs With Lotion or Puffs Ultra. When I got sick last week (finally feelin' better, btw!), I sent Dave out for tissues and he came home with the regular Puffs. I had to go back out the next day with a Rudolph-red nose and get Puffs Ultra. The skin under my nose is still recovering!

Delsym cough medicine - our pediatrician in Tucson turned us on to this over-the-counter stuff. It works wonderfully and while it's crazy expensive and doesn't last the full 12 hours it claims on its label, it comes close!

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - the generics are always just gross. Not that box M-n-C is all that great but it is comfort food! Same with Campbell's soups and Claussen pickles. I can do generic cereal and many other generic foods but some just don't work well in the taste category!

When the new Costco opened here in Parker, they gave out books of super-good coupons (free rotisserie chicken and such!). But the fine print said it was only good for new customers. I had a little chat with the manager and I got to use those coupons. I hate when companies offer these great rewards for new customers but not to customers who have been loyal to the company for over 10 years! If I'm loyal to them, I expect them to be loyal to me.

How 'bout you guys? Anything you won't except substitutes for?

Reaching for a tissue, Ruth!


Heide said...

Jiff peanut butter, Crest regular toothpaste (no whitening, fruit flavors, etc., just old-fashioned tooth paste), Tillamook sour cream (local brand for the Pacific Northwest), Red Rose Tea bags. I'm sure there are probably lots more things I'm uptight about, but usually I opt for cheap.

sophanne said...

Jiff Peanut butter absolutely- Quaker Oats

Anonymous said...

Jif peanut butter, Wells Blue Bunny ice cream, Mitchum unscented antiperspirant (if I don't use that one I might as well not use anything at all).

Lisa/knitnzu said...

I'm right with you on the Q-tips and Puffs (but I like Plus w/ lotion). I may try the delsym, but I've given up on the otc cough stuff... and have actually had to up my strength of codeine syrup because I had to double dose on what they'd given me to get it to work... Red Rose for tea (which I don't drink much, but it's all we buy and dh drinks it)... OB tampons... Arm & Hammer sensitive whitening toothpaste (oxymoron I know, but I like it and it seems to work)

Lisa/knitnzu said...

oh yes, tom's of ME deoderant

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Totally buy the Red Rose tea bags. I found them at a local Basha's grocery store and am ecstatic! They have enough caffeine to pack a punch, and the tea is never bitter, no matter how long I brew the bag.

And sunflower seeds (shelled and salted) from Trader Joe's. No one else's comes close.

Sandy in Tucson

k said...

Skippy peanut butter for cookies. Has to be. I think that's the only thing, but some of that is because I'm so far out of the loop, I have to take what I can get as far as brands. I can still get Barilla pasta if I shop at Walmart, but since Levi's switched their production to wherever, the fit is different. I think I might get addicted to Kickapoo coffees. It's a new brand to me, and expensive, but the couple I've smelled are wonderful.

Nell said...

Good toilet paper. Charmin or cottonelle. What can I say? I like the soft stuff