Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Swap Jackpot!

Y'all know how I love to swap. Lately, I've been getting shorted or flat out stiffed! It's been kind of a bummer.

I joined YarnThing's swap on Ravelry and this time I got a stellar swap partner! Look at all these goodies.....

The sock pattern (Francie) was in my Ravelry queue, my partner asked what books I've been wanting and sent me one I told her about (Anticraft! Go check it out - it's so cool!), a jar of blueberry jam and a Citrus Basil soy candle from Etsy, gorgeous stitch markers in chocolate brown and blue, a cell phone charm she made,

and this....

That's yarn she handspun and it's beautiful beyond belief! It's spun from a Wooly Treasures batt in the Surf and Sand colorway and the fibers are BFL, alpaca, bamboo, and silk. I can't stop touching it!

Here's a closeup of the stitch markers and cell phone charm. The charm has, well, charms on it and one says I (heart) 2 Knit and the one below it is a sheep. So cute! (I asked if she had an Etsy store and she said no but she sells these at some of the LYS's around Colorado.)

Thanks so much CreativeProcess!

Then in another swap for green yarn, my partner sent this lovely Indigo Moon. Score!

Thanks Lalchee of Swapbot! I'm so jealous that Indigo Moon is a local dyer for you - lucky!

This next stuff isn't from a swap but from a yarn club that I'm in. It's theme is Nefarious people in history and it's creator is Cosmic Fibers. (I showed you the Lizzie Borden yarn from the last send out.) This is a lovely merino/silk/nylon blend with a thrilling bit of silvery sparkle running throughout. May I introduce you to.... Sweeney Todd!

My crappy pictures don't do them justice, Ruth!


Yarn Thing said...

OMG...I LOVE CLAUDIA!!! She is the BEST SWAP PARTNER EVER!!! You could meet her sometime if you EVER come up here!!!


Rooie said...

Oh, that handspun is just gorgeous! You'll have to do something really special with it.

Nell said...

Great package!