Saturday, September 13, 2008

Be Gentle

The Perilous Reading thing had a contest last year to write something within the genre of the Perilous Reading requirements (thriller, horror, gothic, mystery, etc.). The catch was you couldn't repeat a single word and the length of the piece had to be exactly 100 words long. (The title doesn't count for word count or repeated words) The entries for that contest are here. People are so creative!

It's a very difficult writing exercise! I highly recommend it to everyone who likes to write. I once had an English teacher who would instruct us to come up with a story/essay/whatever but to never use the verb "to be" (are, am, is, etc.). Try it - it's maddening!

I was thinking about that contest and what I'd come up with. As with much of my creative writing, things come to me in my sleep. 2 of my best pieces (which I may someday be brave enough to share) came to me as dreams. I've always had very vivid, detailed dreams that I usually remember in full detail.

This contest had me wracking my little peanut brain and I didn't think I could do it. A couple of days ago, as I was waking, the first three lines came to me. I went back to sleep, thinking I should write them down first but I didn't. Then later in the day, they came back to me. So I started writing. As with most writing (at least mine), I started in one direction but the piece took on a life of it's own and ended up somewhere else.

Anyway, here's what I came up with. If I don't have 100 words (too many or not enough) or if you see that I've repeated a word, please let me know! I'm trusting y'all to be my proofreaders. And as the post title says, be gentle with any criticisms - see what you come up with before you tear me up - haha!


Dark wings taking flight
Into seamless air of night
Escaping our chaos, this perilous plight
Casting away mortality, shaking off fright
Touching, kissing, then you bite
Passionate adoration, stealing sight
Soulless arias soar like feathered black kites
Up beyond clouds past dizzying heights

We. Are. Done.

Find your own salvation, I'm no white knight
Stand on solid ground, prepare the fight
Knowing here within me resides enough might.
What's ahead? Glowing light.
How distant? Far, but not quite
Rediscover original persona, feels a bit tight
Growing from inside, soon it will fit. All is right.

I thrive.
My future awaits....

Planning more creative writing, Ruth!

ETA: Edited per me7of11's and YarnHog's excellent suggestion/observation. Thanks!


Me7of11 said...

I already told you, I really like it! I read it more carfully this time and found that you used the word "will" twice (right there at the end). I also counted the words and you're spot on with the word count.

It doesn't look like you used "it" soyou could say, "soon it will fit" and change "I will thrive" to just "I thrive"

Just an idea.

Yarnhog said...

"This" is used twice, lines three and fifteen. It looks like you edited as I was reading, but by my count, you have 100 words, not including the title. I don't have any stitch counters handy, though...

And I love it!

Sam said...

Hi Ruth, I tagged you on my blog for the 6 random things meme. Do you want to play?