Monday, June 30, 2008

Out Of My Secret Closet

The Knitting Wildflower is having a blogiversary contest - it's here.

It says to tell a short story about a sock and such. My sock attempts have been abysmal. I think the problem is that I attempt these really difficult patterns. The first sock I ever attempted was also my first time on DPN's and my first chart knitting. I got to the end of the heel (top down) and when I looked at the sock, you could really tell when I figured out the DPN's because the first chart repeat (of 2) was much looser then the second. Rrrrrrrip-it! I'm about halfway through the first repeat again. I love the way the yarn looks with the pattern but the pattern has these evil Make Purls that are killing my hands.

Then there was the ill-fated Baudelaires from last year's Tour De France KAL. I'm in that KAL again this year and I'm considering trying to finish them. I have half of one foot finished. I got to the part where you have to do the increases but my increases would be beTWEEN the needles (magic loop). Couldn't figure it out. They are in the dreaded Closet Of No Return.

Of course, all I had to do was move the stitches around on the needles so the increases wouldln't be inbtw. Duh. I'm probably going to get them out and give it a go for this year's TDF KAL.

I suppose I could try a basic sock pattern but that seems so boring! I feel if I'm going to be knitting something I could buy (scarf, sweater, sock), I should be doing something fun and not just plain stockinette. I should probably do a boring basic one anyway, just to finish a pair. I have enough sock yarn for roughly 30 pair!

Do y'all have the equivalent of the Closet Of No Return? What/where is it? What's in it? I have everything I've either become stuck on or bored with. Mostly stuck on. Mostly, it's the designs I attempt. Most of my designs way outreach my actual knitting ability. I get to a part where I know what I want it to look like, I just don't know how to make it look like that!

The Hateful Bed Jacket is not in there. It's all sewn up and I've actually even worn it a coupla times. I did the edging for one sleeve, sewed it on and hated it. It looks very court jester-ish. I took the edging off and am just going to crochet a nice edging on. I'm still going to do the original edging for the rest of the jacket but I'm waiting on football season for that. It's an 8 repeat lace and every row is different. It also has a different stitch count every row, except for the 3 rows that are 17 stitches - but even these same number of stitches are each worked differently. Impossible to memorize. Hateful. Bed. Jacket.

Cleaning out my Closet, Ruth!


Nell said...

No closest of no return here. I'm a ripper not a saver.

Ponytail said...

So, did the homophobe ever send you all her Yarn Harlot books ?!