Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Yarn Harlot wrote about the Pride march near her and where to find some cool rainbow yarn. She also put some excellent quotes from people who see that there's nothing wrong with being gay. The post is here. Out of nearly 200 commenters only 2 were negative.

Here's one of them:

" Ok, that does it. You just lost me. I can no longer support someone who promotes homosexual lifestyles. Sorry hun. You just dropped off my blog AND my book list. Anyone want some Yarn Harlot books, cheap?"
Posted by: Patricia at July 1, 2008 5:59 PM

Here's what I wrote:

"Hey, Patricia - you're going to give up all your Harlot books because she "supports homosexual lifestyles"?

Hell, I'll take 'em! Can I also go through all your music, books, movies and art? I guarantee most of what you have (all the secular stuff anyway) was created by people who are just fine with homosexuality, not to mention that quite a bit of the artistic world are ACTUALLY homosexual.

ooooh, and while we're at it, can I go through your clothes, furniture, home decor.. OH and your yarn! Do you have any hand-dyed yarn from indie dyers? Not to stereotype but most fashion, furniture, home decor designers I know or have seen on TV are part of the "family" (again, either in a supportive role or as actual players). Same goes for most indie dyers.

As anti-gay support statements go, yours was one of the most ignorant I've seen. And that's sayin' something!

Thanks and if you'd like to send me those books, you can find me at"

People slay me. Four of my closest friends in high school came out our senior year. When I was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ (1994-96) I was surrounded by lesbians. On the Women's Medac Softball Team, out of 15 women, I was one of 2 1/2 that were straight. (Evelyn was bi. Her attitude was, "Why limit yourself?" Why indeed, Evelyn, why indeed.) My captain and my NCO (sergeant in charge) in the eye clinic were both women and both in monogamous relationships with other women.

When I met Dave, he used to tease me saying, "Seriously, babe, do you have any straight friends?" Of course, the majority of my friends were/are straight. My aunt is not. In the Army, they called themselves "the family" and I'm pretty sure that's not a phrase exclusive to the military.

I never saw what the big deal was. To each there own.

Friend of the Family, Ruth!


ellipsisknits said...

I cannot look at the anti-gay movement today and not see the segregationist movement from last century. Protectionist, scared, bigoted, and WRONG.

How can people so thoroughly fail to learn?

Lgan said...

i read your comment on the yarn harlot's blog, LMAO, and had to write you. How completely true! The oh-so-enlightened Patricia listed her real e-mail address along with her name in the post. I've been so tempted to contact her and tell her I'd take her stuff. So far i haven't dared though.

sophanne said...

Here's what I know- you say things sharper than I could ever hope to. Amen.

LizKnits said...

hear, hear.
Well spoken.

ccr in MA said...

I'm with you. I just don't get some people!

Tammy said...

Wow! I can't believe somebody wrote that! I think you probably know that I fall on the more conservative side of the spectrum but I would never attack somebody because of their perspective or status in regards to homosexuality. You were absolutely right in your response. Well said!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken.

Straight but not narrow,

Kim said...

Yeah! You said it. Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. It might be easier dealing with another woman than with my male husband.

Nell said...


I've typed 5-10 snarky things about this Patricia. But I realize I should just let it go. No need to wish her well when her son comes out to her. Yeah- I think that might be out of line.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Ruth! I really liked the way you put this issue in perspective. By the way, I just got back from Rome, Italy where I had a chance to see the Sistine Chapel painted by that gay guy - Michelangelo.

Most of the time we are not limited by what we understand but by what we refuse to understand.

Sandy A. in Tucson

Olga said...

Gee, Ruth, I wish you'd quit beating around the bush and just say whats on your mind!!!
Here's my uff-dah gay moment:
My first knitting group I use to go to, the people who run Knitters were part of it, and they invited the knitters to come to their house for a potluck and knitting. too cool. so, we are knitting and chatting and I ask the guy who lives there with the woman how long they have lived there and if they had any kids. He tells me this big ol story about kids and stuff and I notice these weird looks being exchanged between people, the atmosphere went down several degrees- I'm wondering what I said and whats going on and very quicky everyone has to go home. I feel really confused and at the next knit nite I asked one of the other women why- it turns out that the the two guys who run the mag are married and live with the editor and her mother in that house and its been that way for like- forever. I felt so STUPID!!! I wish I knew that then I wouldn't had offended them in their own home and stuck my foot clear down into my liver. I still cringe when I think of my faux pas.

knitnzu said...

Here here... from another of the family... And geesh, olga, couldn't they at least have been either straight out honest with you or made a joke about it or something. I learned a long time ago that people are just people and there are good ones and bad ones and fun ones and boring ones etc etc in every crowd.

Corwink said...

Girl....I LOVE YOU!! I have a gay parent. While I have not always been the most supportive person.. I do feel that everyone has a right to be happy in life.

I can't believe that in this day and age people still act like idiots!

Yarnhog said...

I didn't see that comment, but my comment was that people who call homosexuality a "lifestyle choice" drive me crazy. As the (very proud) straight sister of a gay brother and a lesbian sister, I am damned sure it is not a "choice" of any sort. You might as well condemn people for having blue eyes, or be "opposed to rain."

Amelah said...

Very well said! That is disgusting of them to write that!!! Everyone is allowed their own opinion, but as the old saying goes..if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything!!

Knit &Purl Mama said...

I can't believe someone left that comment on the Harlot's blog. I wonder what the Harlot responded to them! I am a bit behind on my blog reading since Mack's arrival a month ago. (Ahh, newborns)!

Anyhow, I have gay in-laws and there is nothing wrong with people who choose to be gay/lesbian. I can't believe how sheltered some people live these days to be against gays. I have a bunch of friends and family who are gay, and there is nothing wrong with any of them!

I hope Patricia got emails from people and I hope someone got her books real cheap!

Romi said...

Heeeee. Nice comment. :)

Karin said...

Love your comments. You go girl.