Thursday, June 26, 2008

General Directions

Warning: Grossness ahead....

My little guy has this weird thing when he gets a bad cough. It gets so bad sometimes that it makes him throw up. It hasn't happened in almost a year, but yesterday it came back in full projectile force.

He threw up on the floor yesterday. Dave came home shortly after and I told him, "Just in time! D2 puked and now you get to clean it up!" haha. I cleaned it. As I was cleaning, Dave was teasing D2 saying, "We don't like pukey boys! We'll have to send you to another home! One where they DO like pukey boys!"

Usually, when we tease D2 like this, he says in a wavery/laughy voice, "Reeeeeeeallllly?" But today he got all excited, "Can I go to the Puke House?"

We laughed, "Where??"

D2: "The Puke House. You know.... where you can puke as much as you want to all day and no one cares about the puke?!"

The three of us were cracking up about that!

I'm on all fours, cleaning up nastiness and laughing about it. Love that kid.

As I'm cleaning, I look at the carpet cleaner I'm using. It's Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover and comes in a spray bottle (the kind you have to squeeze over and over. And over.) Not crazy about it's delivery system but this stuff works like crazy! I read the instructions yesterday and I've read them before but every time I do, it makes me shudder:

General Directions: Simply apply a generous amount on the spot, agitate with finger tips and blot with absorbent cloth. SPOTS DISAPPEAR INSTANTLY.

OK - pretty sure anything I'm using this stuff for is not anything I'm ever going to want to stick my finger tips into! Ewwwwwww! (I just use a towel to agitate it in and then blot.)

One thing that's not so funny is when D2 pukes at night. Which he did twice last night. Like I said, he hasn't done this in almost a year and we were hoping he'd outgrown the problem. (Last time it was so bad during the night that we literally ran out of sheets for his bed and he had to sleep on towels.) The scariest, like last night, is when he does it in his sleep and doesn't wake.

The first time last night was right before he went to sleep and we changed everything out. We always check on the boys before we go to sleep. Give them a last kiss goodnight, make sure they're covered with blankets and such. Last night when we checked on them, we were in D2's room and I said, "Ugh, hate that puke smell!" (His last bout was in the hamper in the hall waiting for their trip to the basement laundry this morning) Dave said he couldn't smell it. I said really?! Then he said he could smell it. Then I saw it. D2 had done it again but we don't know when because he was sleeping in it and it was all dried. That completely freaks me out because I get images of Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix, ya know?

Dave keeps saying we should take him to the Dr. but what're they gonna say? Or do? The kid coughs up some gunk from his latest cold, it gets caught at the back of his throat and triggers his gag reflex. Besides, every time I consider taking him for this problem, he stops before we get the appointment! sigh.

Any suggestions?

Quickly becoming the Puke House, Ruth!


Nell said...

I'll take puke over poop any day! Maybe when he's having it you can get one of those alarm sheets so it wakes him up.

WandaWoman said...

You should still take him in to the Dr., I think. Just to tell them about the problem and see if they have any suggestions?

Yarnhog said...

I hate puke worse than anything. It's the one thing I can't take as a mom. I get really upset when one of the kids pukes (invariably all over the place) because I dry heave so badly the whole time I'm cleaning it up. My husband thinks it's hysterical and takes pity on me and cleans it up himself when he's around. But when he's not, it's all gagging, all the time around here. I agree with wandawoman, though--you should call the Dr. and see if there's anything you can/should do, especially if he's doing it in his sleep.

knitnzu said...

We didn't have such pukey problems, but any time we did, I'd shove the bedding into the tub and deal with it the next day. Scary though about doing it in his sleep! Love the fetchings! My latest mitt craze has been the maine morning mitts (pattern on line as well in some recent book), and before that 'piano mitts/ mini mitts' from cathy-cate, and also the fetching. LOVE the pink/orange combo... I have a couple hats in those colors.

Faith! said...

So little girls dream of living in castles, and boys dream of living in... puke houses? Your gremlins crack me up SO much! And the fetchings are fantastic, of course- perfect colors!

Me7of11 said...

Three little words--"Ask-A-Nurse".

I'm with Yarnhog on the gag thing, only my husband makes me do it so he can watch and laugh. I take papertowels, spray them with some smell-me-goods and stuff them up my nose while I scrub.

Fortunately, I can count on one hand the number of times my Peanut has puked. Unfortunately it's been in MY bed every time.