Tuesday, September 25, 2007

J. O. B.

Awhile back, La asked how my new business was going. This is what I told her....

"No money yet. It's recruiting for a Medical Device Sales company. I feel like I've walked into the middle of a conversation. There were 12 open searches when I got it and now there's only 6 (happens all the time). None of our candidates were picked for the ones that closed. There's 2 that I'm fairly certain our people will be picked but the entire interview processes takes 60-90 days. It's a waiting game.

But it's very cool to wake up and a) have something to do during my day (something that makes money, anyway) and b) have something I'm excited about!"

The "middle of a conversation part" is so true. Imagine walking into a room and there's a man talking on his cell phone. You've got to not only decipher what the person on the other line is saying, you've also got to speak as though you know what they are talking about and then you've got to go and find 5 other people who know what he's talking about and add them to the conversation. Now multiply that by the number of open searches. Currently, there are 7. sigh.

My Blogless Rachel H. clued me in to the fact that I haven't posted in almost a week! That's so unlike me. Usually it's about 4 times a week. I miss you guys! Tomorrow there will be more posting and a clean(ish) closet.

Buried in resumes, Ruth!


Rachel said...

"clean(ish) closet" Hummm...can't wait to hear what THAT's all about!

Chris said...

Having something to do during the day that doesn't suck like working retail - yay!!!

Nell said...

Congrats on having a job that makes you want to get up in the morning! That's pretty much all you can ask for in life. (besides an awesome family, which you already have.)