Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dream A Little Dream

Hey, Marly! I had a dream about you this morning. It was so lovely!

I dreamed I was walking up to this huge yarn shop and there was a field behind it and a little to the left (or was it right?). Anyway. You were sitting in the field surrounded by about 50 knitted and crocheted purses. You were beckoning to me, "C'mon Ruth, we're about to get started!" You had this huge smile on your face (do you have any other kind?) and I couldn't wait to get over there!

That was it. Short but perfect! I took it to mean your Etsy store is going to be a booming success. Of course, I didn't know about your store til this morning.

I've always had these incredibly vivid dreams (in color, even) that I remember in great detail. When I read The Hundred Secret Senses, the older sister teaches the younger how to remember her dreams. She asks what the girl dreamed about. And what happened before that? And before that? That's what I've always done. Ever since I can remember.

I've had some recurring dreams too...

a) Nightmares from VeryBadThings that stopped with therapy and a good life.

b) I used to dream a lot about having to save people. We were always trapped in a big warehouse type building and someone bad was trying to find us. The people I was with were always panicked and paralyzed with fear and I had to be the one to get them out. Sometimes it was just one person, sometimes a group. Often it was a small child I was trying to protect. After Dave and I moved in together, these dreams stopped. Weird.

c) There was this dream I used to have when I was 5 years old and younger. I had this dream All. The. Time. I mean, at least 3 or 4 times a week.

I'd dream I was in this big square tunnel. There was this giant cotton ball blocking the tunnel. On one side of the tunnel, it was filthy - the walls were smeared with grungy dirt - and there were these creatures that looked suspiciously like the Cavity Creeps, only brown and rockier-looking. (Anyone remember the Cavity Creeps?)

On the other side was me. Tiny, under-5-years-old me. My side of the tunnel was white and clean. In the dream, I had to push the cotton ball and the Creeps were on the other side pushing back. There was only one of me and, like, 5 of them. It was really hard to push the cotton ball because, well, it's a cotton ball and it's soft and squishy - my hands would sink in to the elbows. Behind me was a giant, guardian angel being (this was before I ever went to any kind of church, so it wasn't any kind of religious being. I'm not sure where it came from). Some nights I was able to push the creeps, some nights they'd gain ground. The ground they gained would turn grungy and the ground I claimed would turn clean. The angel thing would never help me but would say soothing, comforting, helpful words. Some nights, when I was really losing, I'd beg it to help me. I'd be crying and my arms were like lead. The creature would tell me it couldn't help me but it was OK, because it knew I could do it. So I'd suck it up and try harder.

I'm not sure when that dreamed stopped. But whenever my life would suck or something would be really difficult for me, I'd always remember that dream. I'd remember the comfort I got from that winged being and I'd suck it up and keep going.

Do you guys ever have any recurring dreams? Do you dream at all? Do you remember them? Black and white or color?

Still crazy after all these years, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

That last one sounds a whole lot like a birth-memory dream to me.

I have several recurring dreams or dream themes, which I think I have correctly interpreted. Whenever I have one, I pay more attention to the area of my life that the dream is telling me is being neglected, and the dream goes away. (For example, when my kids were little and I was home alone with them all day, I used to have the same dream every night, where I desperately needed to use the bathroom, but I couldn't find one with a door that closed. I realized this was a plea from my subconscious for privacy and personal time--something that was seriously lacking in my life.)

uberstrickenfrau said...

I have that same dream as Yarn hog, gotta go to the bathroom and the only toilet is smack in the middle of the grocery store where every one can see you or in a very public bathroom with no doors or walls and all kinds of people milling around. or I'm wearing very skimpy or no clothes and I'm in public hoping nobody notices me.heh, I really don't want to know what that says about me!!!!

sophanne said...

The recurring dream theme in my life has to do with driving. During the VeryBadLife of my own, I would regularly dream that I was a passenger. As the VeryBadLife was on the road to improving, I eventually became the driver (though not always in control of the car) and only recently once or twice have I had a dream where I was driving and everything was o.k.

I'm guessing that it's my subconscious reporting back to me on control issues in my life (such as when I'm in control or when I feel I'm letting other things/people "drive" me.)

I also dream pretty regularly about cows wandering freely around my house and bears. I'm guessing some kind of maternal thing, but who knows.

Kristyn said...

In my recurring childhood dream my house would be on fire. Everyone else would be asleep and I would try to wake them. When I would get to the door of each room flames would shoot up and keep me out of the room. I have been paranoid of dying in a fire ever since I first had that dream.

knitnzu said...

Um, yeah, and much like yours, but different! Alligators (and dinosaurs but not quite). Men with knives. Driving from the backseat. Peeing or pooping in public, or in an upholstered chair. Certain places-old houses I've lived in, stairwells at college... One of the very best dream therapy 'tricks' oh, right TECHNIQUES I managed was to ask the thing in the dream that frightened me for a gift. Something from a pacific island culture where dream time is as important as waking time. So first you need to be able to know you're dreaming, and second you need to remember to ask. Managed it's a huge self-learning tool, even years later and thinking back on the dreams and the gifts...and the alligator dreams mostly stopped.

Faith! said...

I have a dreamscape that's a post-apocalyptic city plagued by tidal waves and sometimes giant spiders. But your dream is whack, yo! Great topic, I've loved all the responses (even though I now have fodder for even scarier dreams now)!

knitnzu said...

Forgot the ones about tornados, tides (two sorts here, the one that keeps coming, and the one that is out and comes in all in a flooding rush), the big drop off that causes a big undertow, that place (there are actually 2) that must exist somewhere where I look for neat beach glass...

Sunflowerfairy said...

I have spider dreams alot. It sucks. It's never the same kind of spider or in the same house or anything.

I have one recurring dream- I'm running and looking down watching the pavement go by, watching my feet hit the ground, the left shoe, then right, left, right. Throughout the dream I'm breathing hard.

My husband used to wake me up and tell me that I was having a nightmare, but it was always this running dream.

Very weird. I wasn't ever really big into fitness, until recently....who knows what it meant.

Quail Hill Knits said...

My recurring dream is a VeryBadOne and only started about five years ago. In real life, Fresno County lost three deputies in three years, two were shot in face and died instantly and one was hit by a car whose driver had just kidnapped his pregnant girlfriend (the girl also died). In my dream, I see Dan in uniform walking up to a car after a traffic stop. I can see inside the car and can see that the driver has a gun in his hand and is ready to shoot Dan. I am running toward Dan, trying to scream but no sound is coming. I can't get his attention and I need to stop him..... I'm sure you get the point. I usually wake up about this point in a cold sweat although Dan told me that other night I woke up screaming. That is a little embarrassing. Anyway, Dan is very careful on job and never just walks up on a car, he doesn't stand in front of the driver's window (he stands off to the back) and doesn't wear a uniform (He is a plains clothes detective). But still, the job is dangerous. Anyway, that's my worst dream.

Anonymous said...
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Yarn Thing said...

Wow, people dreaming about me :-)
How exciting!!1

Funny thing is that the etsy shop you linked to is not mine :-) BUT my friend Sharons. She does the She-Knits Podcast. She is totally cool and makes just the greatest bags! So, I would be just so LUCKY to have a shop like hers!

I have a recurring dream that I am trying to run to something or away from something and I am in slow motion in mid air...not going I start to swim...yes, still in mid air. I am treading the air like water just to get anywhere. What do you think that means?