Friday, September 14, 2007

Are You Still Here?!

What are you doing here???

The new is out!

Have I explained my love affair with knitty? I know some people don't care about it but I can't get enough.

When I first learned to knit in June '04, I read about knitty somewhere and went to the site. I clicked over there and this is the first issue I read. What a great idea! I was hooked. I immediately went and read all the back issues, starting with the first one. And I've got this weird, stupid ritual about it. (I know, so unlike me to be weird and stupid, right?) I have to read every word of every article before I can look at the patterns. This has caused me to discover some speed reading skills.

I submitted my first article to knitty a few months ago. Rejected.

That's OK, I ain't hurt. Much. Anyway, knitty's still top 6 in my list of fave mags.
Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting,, (love that they are monthly), the Anticraft (which has some really cute stuff up right now) and Family Circle (what? they've got great recipes!).

Someday, I'll put the article up here somewhere. Throws Like a Girl told me that someone made blog buttons: Rejected by Knitty, Rejected by Interweave, etc. That's a cute idea, but who needs that daily reminder on their site??

Btw, I have a new knitting sighting:
Hitcher 2 - Kari is washing up behind some desert truck stop and the woman at the counter inside is knitting. As Kari leaves, she thanks the woman but the woman doesn't respond so Kari just walks out. Camera pans to front of woman with knitting needles now sticking out of her chest. (Wish I could find needles that pointy!) Also, I think this is one of the few movies where Kari doesn't show her bewbs. But I've never seen the whole thing so I can't be sure.

Off to pick my new projects from the internets, Ruth!


Nell said...

Muir and Roam are my two favorites. But I MUST finish some things first.

sophanne said...

I never knew about magknits or anticraft- adding them to my favorites now... yea, I share your knitty rule, only I don't follow it. It's just one of the rules I make for myself that I break.

uberstrickenfrau said...

I NEVER read the articles, shame on me. I just looky at the purty pictures. I dunno, sometimes the articles just go blahblah blah and I just wanna look at the patterns.

Throws Like A Girl said...

I've never seen the anticraft before. That place is cool. Macabre, but cool. :) A few of the patterns made me laugh out loud.

Faith! said...

I'm a huuuuge fan of knitty- it's nothing short of amazing.