Thursday, April 23, 2009

S is for Simplify

Yea. I can't even say that word with a straight face.

I loved Chickenknits idea of buying nothing but what was needed for one month. When she was talking about doing it a second month I thought, "I'm going to do that to! But, wait... the Nefarious sock club is coming up again and then there's that special edition book I want." I couldn't even be faithful to it in my head!
I only bought 3 books last year. But 2 were very expensive special editions (one's a short story anthology signed by all the authors!) and the other was a $15 book of short stories (one author, signed). This year, no books. Oh. wait. See! I can't even be faithful to that either! I almost forgot, I already blew that! I was a Buzz Agent last year (got to get in on ad campaigns and try stuff out for free) and with all my BuzzPoints I got $35 worth of gift cards for Borders. I bought the new Mason Dixon and book 5 and 6 of the Dark Tower Series (still need to get book 7). I also bought 2 other Stephen Kings but they were on the Bargain Books table ($6 and $7 hardback). Dave was laughing at me because the Book 5 was on the bargain table for $6 but it was hardback and I have those nice, big softback ones and wanted to keep the set the same so I spent twice as much for the softback.

In January, I discovered I had roughly 135 pairs worth of sock yarn. I think I'm up to around 150 now. My basement looks like a cyclone hit it and I can't seem to catch up with the mess. And when I do try to clean it up, I get so overwhelmed, I tend to need a lie down. It makes me think of that declutter guy and how he says clutter costs money. It's so true! Last time I tried to plow through the mess, I found 6 skeins of yarn that I had bought doubles of during the Great Xmas Knitting of '08. I returned them (for exchange only) and got a $65 credit. Sixty Five Dollars!! That's $65 of new yarn, sure but it could've been $65 still in my bank account, right?
I want to buy one or two small bookcases for the basement and Dave is flatly against it as he says they'll just end up jammed with junk like the rest of the basement. I think if I cleaned it out down here and kept it that way for awhile, I'd get the bookcases. I doubt that will happen. When we were in Tucson, I was bugging Dave for a proper, matching set of bedroom furniture. He said if I could keep the bedroom clean for 6 months, we'd talk about it. We never got the furniture. I'm a pile-maker. There's not anything disgusting like food or dirty clothes around but there's piles and piles of stuff - yarn, paper, books.... stuff. I'm a pack rat and I come from a long line of pack rats. Sometimes I get a wild hair and I go through stuff. Some of it makes me think, "WTF? Why am I keeping this?" and sometimes there's stuff I just know I can't throw out. It's all crazy and fairly arbitrary but if often gets to the point that I'm embarrassed to have people visit. Sad.
I was telling a friend how I've nearly filled my 30 GB ipod. It's got about 220 days worth of music on it and I'm listening to it all (alphabetically) to see if there are doubles or songs I just don't like. I keep one book at a time on it (to listen to while I make my Stitch Savers). I was laughing that I'll listen to it while I try to clean my basement again. I figured I could get through all the music before I finish with this small, partial basement. Again - it's just sad.
Is there anything you guys can't part with? If you're one of those people who don't pack rat anything, I envy you. And my husband envy's yours.
On a happier note, here's my custom birthday yarn!
It's Robin's Egg and Brulee Marzipan from Wool Candy. Isn't it lovely?!
Slogging through the mess, Ruth!


JessaLu said...

I totally hear you on the piles - the main part of my house is picked up but no way am I showing off my bedroom. There's clothes and books EVERYWHERE. ;o)

Beautiful yarn! I love that blue color.

Yarnhog said...

Gorgeous yarn!

As a kid, I never threw away anything and my room was always a complete disaster area. 11 moves in 10 years cured me of my need to hoard. Now nothing pleases me more than getting rid of extraneous stuff. I do have a lot of things, but I have a pretty big house, and very little of it is unused. About the only things that tend to accumulate are books (which I never get rid of) and yarn, which, well, you know. ;)

dawn said...

That yarn is truly gorgeous. I love it!

Sam said...

Wow the yarn is lovely!

I'm not a huge pack rat: I don't like a lot of clutter (e.g. dvd collection is approx 5 dvds total! ha!) BUT I do keep cards that loved ones have sent to me. I have boxes and boxes of them in the basement. Can't seem to part with them (or the envelopes they came in???).

turvid said...

Lovely yarn!

Claudia said...

Holy cow that is a lot of sock yarn! I'm sort of in between I like to have stashes of various things but I am obsessively organized about it. Love the Birthday yarn!

Heide said...

Gorgeous yarn. Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a rip-roaring celebration.

k said...

Don't EVER! start in on collages. You will never be able to throw anything away ever again.
I'm supposedly moving in three weeks. Can you say, "Give me another large garbage bag? I need to pack some more stuff.."

Nell said...

Uh yeah- look how long that "no buying stuff I don't need" lasted!

Although I'm bound and determined not to fill the house with stuff for the sake of stuff. And we made a pact today to go through the boxes in the garage. I don't want things staying just because they are out of the way. Hope we stick to it.