Wednesday, April 29, 2009

T is for Timing

I haven't had anything "T" related lately so I've had nothing to write for the "T" post! I was thinking of T words and the word "timing" kept popping to the forefront. So I started to think of how timing might be playing a role in my life lately....

About two weeks ago, my best friend from Jr. High (Nikie) called to tell me her creepy ex-boyfriend from Jr. High contacted her through Facebook. I laughed and said how everyone I know who's on Facebook has had old flames contact them. I told her that I've been on FB for weeks now and not one of mine have contacted me! I was laughing with her that it was giving me a complex! I told her that honestly, the only ones I'd want to hear from I'm actually already still in contact with, right? I said how I sometimes looked for my asshole ex from the Army but only because the last time we moved, I found a box of pic's from my time with him. There were a bunch of pic's of his family from when I went to Seattle with him for his sister's wedding. I told Nikie that I didn't have the heart to throw them out and I wanted to find him to see if he wanted them. I haven't seen or heard from/of this boy in over 10 years! And he has a sort-of generic name so googling him was ineffective.

Guess who contacts me through Facebook. Two. Days. Later. Weird!

He ended up calling me and we talked for over an hour. It was so strange because I've been mad at him for all these years, right? He was a two-timer who drank and treated me poorly. Very poorly. All this time, I've known I wasn't so much mad at him as I was mad and disgusted at myself for putting up with it as long as I did. It was actually nice talking with him. He's grown up some and so have I. He says he still drinks and from what he's told me of his life, he's still a bit addicted to chaos. But what do I know? We only talked for an hour, right? Anyway, after talking to him, I went upstairs and made out with my lovely, sane husband! So happy with my choices that brought me and Dave together - hah!

Another timing thing that's been effecting me lately....
As I said, recently someone hit the "Hey! Look at that!" button and I got a sudden, unexpected rush of new LYS clients for my little Stitch Savers, including 3 great big sock clubs. So that was nice! I'm slated to make about 7000 of them this year. Seven. Thousand. Most of that is for.....

The Sock Summit! I'm a vendor! Got my booth, got my ticket, got my hotel. Splee! My friend Donna and I are sharing a booth and we can't wait to meet y'all! Who's going?

While I make my Stitch Savers, I listen to audiobooks. I'm in a reading challenge and it's nice to be able to include these books in my books count! I've been wanting to join this particular book challenge but wasn't sure if I'd have the time to make it worth joining. Then, with perfect timing, Chris blogged about the same book challenge! I went and actually read the rules and audiobooks count! Children's books, too! Hell, with the kid's books alone, I read over 50 a year for bedtime stories! Yay!

You're supposed to list the books from the library you want to read for the year. I'm going for 50 and I'm not up to linking 50 times so you're on your own with that! (AB = audiobook) Here it is...

1. 5th Horseman - James Patterson (AB)
2. Cat and Mouse - James Patterson (AB)
3. 6th Target - James Patterson (AB)
4. Miserly Moms (living on one income)
5. The Pleasures of Knitting
6. Mother-Daughter Knitting (WANT!)
7. Gods in Alabama - Joshilyn Jackson (AB)
8. Between Georgia - Joshilyn Jackson (AB)
9. Country weekend knits : 25 classic patterns for timeless knitwear
10. Crafty Chica's guide to artful sewing : fabu-low-sew projects for the everyday crafter
11. Don't panic-- dinner's in the freezer : great-tasting meals you can make ahead
12. The Camel Club - David Baldacci (AB)
13. The Broken Window - Jeffrey Deaver (AB)
14. Pop Goes the Weasel - James Patterson (AB)
15. Roses Are Red - James Patterson (AB)
16. Violets Are Blue - James Patterson (AB)
17. Four Blind Mice - James Patterson (AB)
18. The Big Bad Wolf - James Patterson (AB)
19. London Bridges - James Patterson (AB)
20. Mary, Mary - James Patterson (AB)
21. Cross - James Patterson (AB)
22. Double Cross - James Patterson (AB)
23. Cross Country - James Patterson (AB)
24. 7th Heaven - James Patterson (AB)
25. 8th Confession - James Patterson (AB) I think I mentioned I'm trying to read/hear all his work.
26. The Girl Who Stopped Swimming - Joshilyn Jackson (AB)
27. The Girl She Used To Be - David Cristofano
28. Outplaying the boys: poker tips for competitive women - Cat Hulbert
29. Socks From the Toe Up - Wendy Knits
30. - 50 TBD

Looking forward to August, Ruth!


Rooie said...

I spent the day in The Black Sheep today and the one of the owners was praising your Stitch Savers and saying she had to order more. So that 7,000 figure might be going up a bit!

Yarnhog said...

Seven THOUSAND?! Holy crud! You're going to have to put the kids to work.

Heide said...

Whoo hoo! I live the Portland area so I'll be at Sock Summit too. I feel that I already know you a little bit and I think I could recognize you, even without your nifty stitch-saver booth. So, if a strange middle-aged woman about 5'3" with short, reddish, brownish, grayish hair tackles you it may be me.

My ex found me via MySpace when I started an account to organize/contact people for our 20th class reunion. It's really weird "talking" with people and realizing that you no longer have much in common and how different your present lives are.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to stop in and welcome you to the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge. If you haven’t already, feel free to join our Yahoo Groups . There you’ll find others who are trying to complete this reading challenge.

Links to post your reviews are up in the right sidebar at J. Kaye’s Book Blog. This is, of course, totally optional.

Have Fun!

Chris said...

Did you sign up for the audiobook challenge, too?!

JessaLu said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome! :o)

I listen to audio books all day long since I'm home, maybe I should sign up for the challenge...

Heide said...

psst, the next letter is "U"... as in we miss reading about you. Are either of your boys old enough to study about child labor laws in school yet? Perhaps taking a load of materials to the classroom and letting them all experience what it would be like for an hour would take a bite out of that 7,000.

sharecropper said...

I bought my stitch saver at Stitches South and looked up your blog from the label. I agree, FB is amazing - cousin i haven't seen in over 40 years (tells my age, huh?), kids that I mentored when they were in college....

And, the 50 books - wow! I've listed books I've read, but I've never thought about what I'd like to read. Great idea.

Best wishes on your business and on Dave's search.

Nell said...

I'm thinking hard about Sock Summit. Hoping to go but we'll see...

7,000 stitch savers!!!! That's great news! Congrats!