Friday, April 10, 2009

Q is for Queen

Lately, I've been hearing about some high maintenance women. On the radio, they were talking about dating in this economy and dating for people who've lost their jobs. People called in with their ideas for cheap dates and then people started calling in with horror stories about high maintenance dates.

I never understood the whole high maintenance thing. I suppose, in my own way, I am also high maintenance. I like to be catered to (who doesn't!) and I pout when I don't get my way (again, who doesn't?). A friend from massage school says it's because I'm an Aries. I think it's because I'm just I'm a big baby. So I get high maintenance in that respect, the area I don't get is when it comes to looks and dating.

I don't wear make-up. Except for a brief period during high school, I never really have. I prefer jeans and T-shirts to skirts and heels. I haven't worn heels for more then an hour a year since 1998. And, as to dating, I'm a really cheap date.

On our first real date, Dave agreed to take me to a double feature of Jackie Chan at the drive-in. (The first clue that he was the guy for me!)

I had a friend who used to lament the high maintenance women he'd always end up with. I pointed out that when you take them to the most expensive restaurant on the first date, where is there to go from there but up? I told him he set the bar too high on the first date and he needed to take it down a notch or two if he wanted to find someone who would be more mellow. He said he wasn't going to take them to McD's and I realized he thinks in extremes. I asked what's his favorite hole-in-the-wall joint that he likes to go to. He mentioned a great taco bar we both knew about. I said, "If you want someone who sees things like you do, show them what you see. Take them to the taco bar and see if they like it!" I bought him one of the many books on cheap dates and mailed it to him.

My birthday is on Monday (4/13). I'll be 39. I don't need much. Yarn is always nice - hah! I bought myself one skein of custom-dyed yarn (she's mailing it on Monday, I'll share it when it gets here). I bought the Dorothea pattern from Through The Loops.

My oldest, T, said he's going to use his own money and buy me something. Then D2 chimed in with, "Yea, we'll go to Toys 'R Us and I'll buy you a girl thing and then no one will play with it and you can have it all to yourself!" They are all the gift I need!

We're going to a burger joint we heard about to celebrate my b'day. I love a great cheeseburger!
(Did I mention I'm a cheap date?)

I might find a tiara. Never been a girlie girl but lately I've been thinking I might need a tiara. And some red shoes. Every woman should have at least one pair of red shoes. Of course, I'll probably get some red Converse, but, you know, still red, right?

Lovin' the sparkly things, Ruth!


Knit Witch said...

I'm totally with you on the high maintenance woman thing. Ugh. The last time I wore high heels I got severe calf cramps and had to take them off!! Jeans, t-shirt and sandals for me. For some strange reason my husband still seems to think I am glamorous. He is smitten I tell ya!! :)

Yarnhog said...

Oh, happy, happy birthday! I turned 39 last year and it kind of freaked me out. I'm turning (gasp!) you-know-what in September; I can only imagine how I'll feel about that. But then, I don't much care for the alternative to aging, so I guess I'll adapt. ;)

sophanne said...

Everyone should have a sparkly tiara. They should also be allowed to wear it freely.

catsmum said...

Happy birthday for Monday - and
I got a tiara for my 50th from a friend who thinks all women should be allowed to be a princess [ not a queen mind you - a princess ] on the big 0 birthdays

Sharon said...

Happy birthday you young thing! I've got pantyhose older than you. Wear your tiara and rock it! :D

Heide said...

Hooray for your upcoming birthday!You're still a young lass.

IMO high maintentance equates to boring and shallow. Interesting people don't need to impress or be impressed. But perhaps I'm just flattering myself because I love picnics and dinner at home that I don't have to cook. usually fancy meals, etc. make everyone feel uncomfortable. I do have a pair of red girly satin pumps that I wore to a formal military dinner about 18 months ago. Every now and then I'll slip them on with my holey old sweats and make a quick lap around the house just because. No tiaras though. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, followed by a happy birthday. Does Toys R Us sell knitting supplies?

k said...

Thanks for the link to that place with the hat - oh, geez, the mind is GONE! When I was looking through it, I realized I don't have any blogs that focus much on knitting left. Which apparently is the way I like it, but it was a shock. I liked her vest pattern; I might try it, but Stripes? My waistline? maybe not.
High maintenance is an illusion of power. I suspect you are the real deal. Pictures with the tiara, please.

Sam said...

Happy Birthday Ruth. Sounds like your boys have a fun evening planned for you.

Nell said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Red Shoes are definitely the way to go.