Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Keeping Your Place With Lace

My friend, Tracy, the knit guru, used to use this handy tool to keep her place with charted patterns...

If the pattern is, say, a 12 row repeat, she'd get a stack of plain 3 X 5 cards. She'd put one line/row of chart on each card and number the cards. She'd laminate the cards (if it was a really big piece) and hole punch in the same corner of each card. Then she'd put them on a binder ring and Viola! When she'd stop, for whatever reason, she'd put a rubber band around the whole thing to keep her place.

Simple and brilliant! Unless you're knitting a chart that has 225 different rows! Then you just go and enlarge the bejeesus out of the thing on your local copy machine and work v.e.r.y. carefully!

Loving office supplies turned knitting tools, Ruth!


Chris said...

I've done that before for complicated cabley patterns, too. Look for post-it TAPE for keeping track of your place in lace charts - it really helps!

Nell said...

What a great idea!