Tuesday, December 17, 2013

P is for Pregnant

Don't worry, I'm not.  Dave got fixed after D2 was born. 

Have I ever told y'all that story?  It's pretty funny!  (At least I thought it was...)

T was breech, so ended up being a planned C-section.  If D2 was also C-section, we were going to tell the doctor, "Hey, while you're in there..." and get my tubes tied.  D2 ended up being a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section).

About 5 months later, we went to the doctor together to see about getting Dave a vasectomy.

I think the weirdest thing about it all is that they wouldn't do the vasectomy unless, as Dave's wife, I signed off on it! So much for My-Body-My-Decision!

The doctor discussed the procedure for a bit, then said he wanted to do a quick exam of Dave.  He didn't even give Dave the option of having me leave the room.  He had Dave drop his pants right then and there.  Dave and I both looked behind where Dave was standing at the HUGE window.  It was dark outside and the lights were on in the exam room.  The blinds were half open!  Dave shrugged and dropped his pants.  If anyone looked, they'd see a partially louvered window and Dave's butt!

Dave's always bustin' on me for stuff.  It's what we do.  So when the exam was over and we were waiting by the elevator, I couldn't resist taking my shots...

ME:  So... were his hands warm?
DAVE: Shut up.
ME: Was he gentle?
DAVE: Shut up.

When we went for the actual procedure, another odd thing happened....

It's an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes.  They just use local anesthesia, but they still wanted me there to drive Dave home.

After it was done, we were, again, by the elevators.  A woman walked up to the elevator about the same time we did.  She was pregnant with what may have been triplets (her belly was enormous!), holding one baby with two other toddlers orbiting her.  One pushed the button on the elevator and the other started screaming, "I WANTED TO PUSH THE BUTTON!!!"  She stood there calmly while they stormed about her legs.

I swear they hire this woman for the exact purpose of having the recently vasectomy-ed couple look at each other (as we did) and say, "Oh, yeah.  We just made the right decision."


This post is not about any of that!

I have a Juliet sweater that I made years ago.  2007?  Whenever the pattern came out.  I had See Jayne Knits custom dye the yarn for me.  She did a worsted and I held it double for gauge.  I adore the yarn.  The pattern was quick and easy and pretty.  I even had custom-made clasps for it. 

I hated the sweater.  Every time I wore it, I'd look in a window or a mirror and think, "I look pregnant."  So I rarely ever wore it.

The look on my face is the look I get whenever I see myself in this sweater.
I love the yarn so much, though!

I spent most of the time at my Sunday knitting group frogging the whole thing.

On a side note:  The knitting group had a cookie exchange this week as well.  I made 7 dozen of these.  They are super easy and super delicious!!

Now I have scads of beautiful yarn to make in to something I WILL wear!  I'm thinking this

Look at how much yarn!
(Standard mouse added for scale)
I also frogged this:

It's a start at Cerie.  It's a sweater for my mom.  She picked the pattern and bought the yarn!

Here are my notes from Ravelry:

1/10/13 - I frogged the few rows I’ve done. I need to restart as I’m not entirely sure where I am in the pattern.
12/17/13 - I am done with this sweater. I got one wing done. It’s a million short rows and that, coupled with the stitch pattern, makes this pattern very confusing for me. My brain can’t work like that!
That coupled with the fact that I have to make two of these shapes and then sew them together?? Yeah, I’m froggin’ this.
I’ve found a different sweater with a similar shape and am going to try that instead.

I have a small bucket of things that I'm going to frog.  I may get it all done this week since I'm on a froggy roll.

I'm officially on break from school.  My new school doesn't start until February.  I have a two-week boot camp for it in the beginning of January, then I'll have a two-week free pass for the last two weeks of January. 

For me, this means I have roughly 15 days to accomplish these tasks:
Finish this year's Alphabet Soup!
Rip the frog bucket
Clean my closet
Clean the office
Organize the garage
Clean out Dave's truck so we can sell it
Organize the mess I've made in the basement
Photograph and list on Etsy the things I want to get rid of
Organize a space for me to be a productive online student
Organize my fabric
Make a plan for my fabric
Make a practice/workout/crafting/cleaning spreadsheet
Learn how to make a spreadsheet
Practice at least 2 hours a day (starting this Thursday)

Damn.  I better get started!

Feeling froggy, Ruth!

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kmkat said...

Great idea with the frogging. I predict you will feel many pounds lighter after those UFOs (and FOs) are once again balls of yarn!