Saturday, December 22, 2012

S is for Starfleet

I joined the Starfleet group on Ravelry in January, 2011.  It's been such a boon for getting me to finish projects!  I had no idea I was so competitive!  I was all, whatever - it's fun but no big deal.  Then my friend Donna got ahead of me on points (and rank) and I was all, Hell no!  I'm such a dork!

This year I have finished:
Cowls - 2
Hats - 7
Ami - 2
Tiny things cranked out for points - 10
Slippers - 2 pair
Fingerless Mitts - 2 pair
Socks - 1 pair
Dishcloths - 31
Felted coaster - 4 (fail - but gonna fix them later)
Miscellaneous - 3
Cat Bed - 1
Ornaments - 3
Crocheted wire earrings - 1 pair
Shawls - 2 (although I guess, technically, they are mini-shawls)
Dyed skeins - 8 different colorways (2 each)
Blankets - sewed together 16 blocks for a baby that was born 2 years ago, and knit one block for my kids' blankets
Sweaters - 3


I'm only going to post the pics of the sweaters I finished...

This is what I made for the knittingi olympics this year:

I cranked this bitch out in ELEVEN DAYS!!!  I adore it and because of the speed, I am now in love with chunky yarn.

Here's the Pioneer I finished (although I need to make the edging on the sleeves match better):
Here's my favorite of the year:

I have a favorite yarn.  It's Cascade Waterlily.  I had about 850 yards of black and wanted to make this sweater.  I started the sweater knowing full well I didn't have enough black to finish it.  I figured I'd buy more.  

It's discontinued.  Awesome.

I went to Ravelry.  I found a person willing to sell me 10 skeins of it at about half price!!  So I was able to finish my sweater and am in the same boat I started with concerning the yarn - I have about 850 yards of black left!  hah!

As I was trying to figure out if I'd have enough, I worked the sweater (it's top-down) to the arms, did both arms, did the hood (which took nearly THREE skeins!) and then kept going down the sweater until I ran out.  That Raveler saved the day, and I adore this sweater!

Here's my favorite hat for the year:
T kept saying he wanted an 8-ball hat.  Don't know why it had to be that, but he was all, "Is it done?  Is it done?  Is it done?"  Every day.  I finally finished it in October so he could take it on his 6th grade trip. 

Why is it my favorite?  Was it especially easy or especially challenging?  No.  Was it so cool I couldn't stand it?  No. 

It's my favorite because he's worn it EVERY day since I handed it to him.  I finally got him to let me wash it last weekend. 

I've still got missions to finish before the year ends.  I'm going to dye more yarn for most of this month's missions.  I've got a hat (almost done with that), an edging on a towel (sounds simple but takes forever), a tiny zombie (#3 of a set of 3 I've made this month), and, if I'm feeling really brave, I  may attempt to sew something.

Planning my knit-list for next year, Ruth!


ccr in MA said...

Nice knitting! I really like the knitting olympic sweater. And yes, there's nothing like having your knitting be really appreciated to warm the heart, is there?

Pretty Knitty said...

Love that your boy so loves his hat! Way to go, Mom!!!