Wednesday, February 29, 2012

D is for Delusional

Last year I made a huge list of knitting goals I wanted to achieve. I thought it was ambitious but doable since I have this job where I sit on my ass for 40 hours a week and have lots of knitting time.

Then I started school and my 40 hour week turned into a 70 hour week. I still sit on my ass and I've gained back every ounce of weight I lost about a year and a half ago. I've started working out again and I'm going to keep going until I hit my goal weight.

I joined the 11 in 2011 group on Ravelry. The 10 in 2010 group helped me focus my goals and I figured 11 in 2011 would do the same. It did somewhat but it wasn't until I joined the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corp that I really kicked it into gear. Apparently, a small bit of competition and compensation (points and promotions) was all it needed to get me knitting here and there.

I completed about 40 projects last year!

It was definitely the year of hats (and yes, they are still my nemesis). I made (or finished, if you count the UFO's) 3 pairs of socks. I got all my xmas knitting done on time and I even made my first charity projects!

I didn't achieve all my knitting goals from last year but they were lofty and insane so I'll try to do better this year. That's the thought I had in mind when I sat down to write out my goals. You may notice that a lot of these are the same as last year although some are now in a tasty WIP form. I was going to try to make more reasonable goals this year but apparently there’s just no reasoning with me….


1. Gift Blanket
2. owls
3. Poet’s Pullover
4. Aleita
5. Vivienne
6. Thorpe Mittens
7. Washington Square Vest
8. Icarus
9. Habu lace scarf
10. Bamboozell

My Designs
1. Cat bed
2. Yellow scarf
3. Vest (handspun)
4. Reunion Shrug
5. Mitteny thing
6. Tart set
7. Habu Cowl
8. Socks
9. Colorwork Sweater

1. Hemlock
2. Boy squares (2 each)
3. Girasole
4. Saffron Cables

1. Baudelaire - UFO
2. Dave’s Socks - WIP
3. Hex Mesh - WIP
4. Saxon the City - WIP
5. Gothic Temptress - Casbah
6. Naniboujou - Knit Picks
7. Abbey kit
8. Lakeside - my hydrangea yarn
9. Skew - Coraline yarn
10. Ugly Boot Socks - Tucan and white esprit
11. Tardis Socks - black/blue striped yarn
12. Swirl Socks - WIP
13. RoboSocks - skeindalous set

1. Bounce
2. Dorothea
3. Hannah
4. Turn a Square
5. Marsan Watchcap
6. Trilobite
7. Sutro
8. Caulfield
9. Claudia

New Sweaters
1. Arbor - Lamb’s Pride Cotton Fleece
2. Pioneer - Lorna’s Laces Worsted
3. #77 Vine Lace Top Down Cardigan - Knit Picks bulky
4. Whisper Cardigan - cashmere
5. #106 Shawl-collared Nipped-waist Cardigan - brown silk and wool
6. #90 Chic Cables and Lace Cowl Neck - overdyed Eco wool

1. Organizer boxes (WIP)

1. Swirly Hat and Matching Mittens
2. Sugarplum Pullover

1. Flutter
2. #107 cowl
3. Pretty Thing
4. Darkside Cowl

1. No Sweat Pants
2. Felted Coasters
3. Kitchen Set

1. Scarf for T
2. Scarf for D2
3. 4 more ornaments (8 really, 4 for each boy)

1. Assign yarn to suggested projects
2. Stash Only (except one planned purchase)
3. Use rolled sock yarn first - I read in an EZ book that she feels that rolled yarn loses its elasticity if it’s rolled for too long and I have about 8 skeins that have been rolled for years!
4. At least one pattern out of my copious pattern books (Gothic Socks?).
5. At least one pattern out of my copious pattern magazines (Whisper Cardigan?).
6. Hands on needles every day.
7. Knit with yarn that’s been gifted to me.
8. Dye every month.
9. Stick to knitting “schedule” (this isn’t set in stone but I like to follow this…. Monday - hats; Tuesday - socks; Wednesday - socks; Thursday - dealer’s choice; Friday - sweaters; Saturday - sweaters; Sunday - WIP’s)

Wow. I’m completely delusional.

I was going to link all these but then I remembered I wanted to actually finish some of these goals instead of spending the year making links.

Happy in my delusion, Ruth!


Kristyn said...

Wow that is quite a list! Good luck to you.

Pretty Knitty said...

I love reading about your delusions, because I have not yet taken the time to put all of mine in print. I also love that you just keep on keepin' on, no matter what! Keep it up, Ruth! :)