Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

That's the name of the latest Yarn Swap I'm hosting. Wanna play? It's here.

Not to be confused with the contest I have going here.

I got nothing today. I think I'm going to steal Olga's idea and have you, Dear Readers, just ask me questions. Ask me anything! I'll take questions and answer them all on Monday.

Ask away, Ruth!


janet said...

Do you do your own highlights, color your hair or trim your hair? if so, what is the worst experience and what is the best hints you would give?

Olga said...

You GOTTA have the magic 8 ball,'kay???
Here's my question:
What one thing do you know to be true?

Nell said...

What's your favorite trip ever?

Heide said...

Hey there Ruth! I've been a bit slow, but I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the Stitch Saver key chain and the lovely yarn. You completely made my day. I'm not caffeinated enough to form a logical question yet.

Me7of11 said...

What is your most favorite fruit? What fruit do you refuse to eat? And most importantly, if you could be a fruit, what fruit would you choose? Why?

Rooie said...

What are you most scared of?

And...the reason I'm really here...the Stitchsaver you sent me was a lifesaver today. I love it! I've never picked up a dropped stitch so quickly and easily. I think it's a combination of the small size of the hook and the short length. (I know, I sound like a shill...but I mean it. I even blogged about it!!)

Kim said...

Yo, I signed up for the good the bad & the ugly swap. This is gonna be fun!