Monday, August 26, 2013

F is for Finish

Almost time for Husker football to start up again.  Next Saturday, as a matter of fact (or so the husband tells me). 

For the past few years, I've had this tradition of CO'ing a new sweater each time.  Thing is, I'm not sure I've actually finished any of those sweaters.  It's hard to say.  The only one I've ever actually documented as a Husker kickoff sweater was last year's Astoria, which is not finished.  (As I suspected, I got to the stranding bit and chickened out.  It's still on the needles, it's just... waiting.)

I have a rather shocking amount of WIPs.  Most are in an enormous bin in the basement.  Here's my Wall 'O Yarn...

Here's a closer look at what's in the middle...
That big monster in the middle, on the right is my WIPs bin. 

You see my dilemma.  Above it we have the Knit Me Next!! bin.  Below it, we have the Sock Kits bin.  And the little one to the left is the Socks That Rock bin.  Sigh.

 That WIP bin is overstuffed.  The Knit Me Next bin is on top of it to help keep the lid from popping off.  It's not all sweaters.  It has quite a variety in there.  Socks, kitchen towels, bath mat, hats, more socks, a pair of mittens, slippers, some socks... 

And I know that's not even all the WIPs I have floating around the house (I almost typed "gloating" instead of "floating" - equally appropriate, I think.).  I can think of at least six sock WIPs that are gloating outside that bin as we speak. 

What should I do? Shall I finish things from previous years?   Shall I start a new sweater?  I've been puzzling over this for quite some time.  I think I may have a solution.  There's 2 halves to a football game.  Why don't I CO something new at kickoff like I always do? (frontrunners right now are either Idlewood, Alta, or Comfortable Cables - mainly Idlewood and CC because they are mindless enough to be able to watch the game.)  I can work on the new thing during the first half and then work on a WIP only during the second half! 

The issue with this particular bit of compromise is that I often doze off during the second half.  I don't know what it is about football that makes me sleepy.  It certainly isn't the hollering husband sitting next to me!

I think we all know which way I'll go, Ruth!


kmkat said...

Your Wall o' Yarn dwarfs my stash, which would, if I were to gather all of it into the Rubbermaid tubs purchased for that purpose, be a mere Tower o' Yarn. Taller than I am, for sure, but still.

Wool Shop said...

I tried emailing you but your email got rejected. What's your email address that works, I want to inquire about your stitch saver keychains! Thanks! Email me at

Becca said...

Good gravy! That's a lot of yarn! Ken has some vintage glass that belonged to his parents, so we have some of those electric glass thingies, but none of them are as colorful as the ones you pictured.