Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Forgot the Question

I almost forgot that after I do my Alphabet Soup, I open up the floor for questions.

Ask me anything!

I may not answer everything, but I'll give it a shot.

I've been doing a lot of xmas knitting!

I've made a Thermis for T's teacher...

And one for D2's teacher as well...

T2's class adopted a family for xmas and I made hats for the three-year-old boy....

And baby hats for the 3 month old twins (one boy, one girl)....

(D2's class also adopted a family but they said no handmades, so they got a grocery card.)

All that is from this month. I still need to crank out a scarf for my teacher in my 80 speed class.

Yes, that's right....

If the boys' teachers get gifts, so do mine.

Made all this stuff last month....

I made these Fetching's for the teacher I had for Theory I and II....

I made this hat for my current English teacher (English II)

(That's me modeling it, my English teacher is a bald man.)

Made this bookmark for my English I teacher (actually, I made this back in... October?)...

Made these candy cane ornaments for the boys...

What does this mean for my studies? It means I'm a slacker.

BUT - I'm already ahead of the game.

I'm going to explain how my school works.
Once you're out of Theory II, the next quarter is Theory III. Well, that's what it used to be called. Now it's called 80 Speed Class.

For each speed, you have to pass 6 Tests: 2 Jury Charge (JC), 2 Lit, 2 QA (like you would hear in a trial. Lawyer asks question, Witness answers.) You get a test every day - a week of JC, a week of Lit, a week of QA, rinse, repeat.

If you pass 2 JC in 80 speed, you sign in to two classes - 100 Speed and 80 Speed.

I was in 100 class for JC Week and QA Week but I had to go to 80 speed class until I passed that final (second) 80 Lit.

The quarter is 12 weeks long and you have the whole quarter to pass a speed. Sometimes it takes people 2 or 3 quarters to get through a speed (I hear most people get stuck around 120/140)

And for those who have NO idea what I'm talking about...
I went back to school in April. I'm going to a school for Court Reporting, also called Stenography. Can also get a job in Captioning.

You have to reach a speed of 225 words per minute to graduate. (Not a typo - two hundred twenty five words per minute.)

As I said, I started this quarter in the 80 Speed class, and at week 9 I had completed all the tests!

Now I'm a complete failure again in the 100 Speed class! Woot woot!

So, yes, I am slacking a bit.

When I first got to 80 Speed, I was all - motherfucker! I'll never get this speed! Then it seemed a bit more manageable, then doable, then I did it! Now I'm at square one again in 100 Speed (motherfucker! I'll never get this speed!) and I am resigned to the fact that I will be passing no more tests this quarter and that bugs me, but then I remind myself that I'm actually a few weeks ahead of the game!

Looking forward to your questions!

Hope your xmas knitting is going well, Ruth!

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k said...

Hey! I lost your blog and now I found it again.

I love the bookmark. How did you do it?