Saturday, November 12, 2011

Z is for Zombie

My SEAL friend and I have the same twisted Apocalypse attitude. We are stocked up on food and guns and ammo and have exit plans.

He feels when the shit goes down, it will be through a rebellion of people that will end in anarchy and civil war.

I know it will be zombies.

I have this unnatural love for all things zombie.

My favorite zombie movies are:
Shaun of the Dead
Night of the Living Dead (the first one)
28 Days Later
(although, with 28 Days Later, my question is always, why don't the infected attack each other? They only seem to go after the uninfected!)

I was lucky enough to receive the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in a swap but haven't had a chance to read it yet. (On the book front, I'm listening to the 3rd of the Dragon Tattoo series on my commute and am reading the 2nd book of Guillermo Del Toro's vampire series The Strain - loving them both!)

Can't get enough of the show The Walking Dead.

I want so badly to start a zombie swap on Ravelry, but I fear I don't have enough time to properly moderate it. Also, I want to do it around Easter because, you know, Jesus is the ultimate zombie, but I fear that will be too offensive for the delicate and I don't want to put up with a bunch of foofaraw and drama. What do you think?

Speaking of zombies, my little guy dressed as a zombie skeleton for Halloween...

T, like last year, wanted me to make a costume for him but what he picked was too big to wear to school so we, last minute, went and let him choose a purchased costume. He chose a hot dog. Here's a pic of D2 pretending to eat him....
After this picture, D2 said, "I'm going to eat you and then I'm going to throw up, Bleagh [pretends to throw up]." I would've smacked him for being a brat but I was laughing too hard.

Here's what T actually wanted to be...

You can see the minivan in the background for scale. People either had no idea what he was or knew he was PacMan and would give him extra candy for it! We even did the Dots for PacMan to eat.

We used a pre-colored tri-fold cardboard thing (for science fairs) from Michael's for $5 each, 2 of them, then strong floral wire and Styrofoam balls for the dots. All total, about $12 dollars. We made sandwich board suspenders out of old belts and duct tape. Likewise the duct tape for attaching the dots.

The neighborhood we went for trick-or-treating has a LOT of stairs. T was a trooper! The other kids we were with were about ten blocks ahead of us but I stayed behind with T and we had a great time! D2 was with his friends and some other moms.

D2 hit way more houses but, as I said, T was getting extra for the cool costume. All told, they ended up with about ten pounds of candy.

As usual, Dave and I exacted our "Candy Tax". We tell the kids, "We bought/made your costume, drove you to the trick-or-treating, and drove you home. We get first pick! Candy Tax!"

As for other costumes, the coolest one I saw was a girl in a wheelchair and a Cat in the Hat costume and her parents made her wheelchair into the Cat in the Hat's clean-up car! The worst costume I saw was a teenager in an olive green old-style Army jacket with a baby bjorn holding a fake baby. I asked what he was and he said he was a Veteran and held up the cardboard sign that was part of his costume: "Family killed in WWII, need candy to survive." Wow. That's jacked up.

That ten pounds of candy will look great on my ass, Ruth!

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Kristyn said...

I love the Pac-Man costume!