Tuesday, January 11, 2011

D is for Done

I finished quite a lot of projects last year, due in large part to the 10 in 2010 group on Ravelry. I spoke of this group in my "A" post this year and I said I'd talk details later so here they are...

This group had a goal of making 10 different projects using 10 different yarns in the year 2010. There were no restrictions on project type or yarn usage but they wouldn't count WIP's. They had a thread for posting a list then another thread for your final list. You were able to change your "final" list as much as you please as they know how fickle knitters can be with shiny new patterns coming out every quarter (or more) in mags, e-mags, and all over Ravelry.

Here's what I posted in the Final List Thread complete with changes I made and adding pic's of the things I did finish (if the pic's aren't here it's because I posted them in my last post already)[also, today I'll be adding commentary in brackets]...

This is exactly the list I had when I posted in the non-Final thread. The only difference is that I’ve decided on a more reasonable goal for my Ravelympics project and switched the order of things. And I keep wavering on the yarn I want to use for my first project. I didn’t have any sock yarn that was grabbing me for it and I’ve had the Kathmandu in my stash forEVER but recently I’ve received some sock yarn that would be perfect. Decisions, decisions….

Is anyone else thinking of having a Cast-On-O-Rama on January 1, 2010? Because I’m thinking I’m going to cast on every single project except my Ravelympics one!
[hmm, apparently I have this same exact thought every year] I’m not a fan of casting on so I think I’ll just do it all in one day and get it over with. Who’s with me!

Impatience Cowl - Kathmandu Aran (US 8, CO 136 and hope it works!). - Replacing with Pretty Thing

Owls - Malabrigo worsted (this is my Ravelympics project) Finished!
[As you saw in my "A" post, I have this finished sweater on my WIP list to make the arms and body longer.]

Nutkin - STR mediumweight Muddy Autumn Rainbow [Finished these Dec. 29th as seen in my "C" post]

Towel/Dishcloth set - kitchen cotton (for my kitchen) - Finished [I guess, technically, the towel isn't yet finished since I still need to put a button on it to hang over the oven door handle.]

Fake Isle hat - Noro Kureyon and mystery wool. [Frogged due to huge size and crappy fair isle skills] - Replacing with Skew Socks - Black Trillium Sock Yarn/Coraline colorway [these are also on my 2011 list - Sock category]

Mitts of my own design - koigu and waterlily [another project on my 2011 list - My Designs category]

Inaugural Sweater - Malabrigo Worsted - Finished [This is an excellent pattern. Unfortunately, I messed it up as posted here.)

Swirly hat and matching mitts - blue sky alpaca silk and Noro silk garden [Another that should've made the 2011 list. I have had this set on my list and in my head for over 2 years now. I want to make fair isle but as with the Fake Isle hat, I'm no good at it yet so it's still on the back burner. I'm going to start smaller with the Zombies Need Not Apply wristers.]

Pet bed of my own design - tbd [Another that made my personal 2011 list in the "my designs" category. This is also a thing that's been swirling around in my head only this one's been there so much longer. When I first learned to knit, one of the first things I ever made (after 30 scarves in 6 weeks) was the cat bed from the original Stitch and Bitch book. After making that cat bed, I had an idea for a different design of cat bed and I've yet to get that design out of my head and onto my needles.]

Viviane - more Malabrigo - I figure it’s OK to use Mal again since I’m using multiple different yarns in some of the other projects? Also, this cable masterpiece may be the one that breaks me and doesn’t get finished in 2010! Setting the goal a bit high but… that’s what I do! [on my 2011 list in my WIP's category]

Swirl Socks - mystery DK yarn. [this got moved to the 2011 list - Sock category] - Replaced with minisweater/boob holder - Kathmandu Aran yarn - Finished

All these yarns are stash yarns and all the projects are from my current queue. Both stash and queue are completely S.A.B.L.E. and QUE.B.L.E. so I should really get on that.

ETA: Failed miserably with the Impatience Cowl. Twice. It’s being replaced with Pretty Thing. I don’t know how to do the Strike-through thing but if I did, I’d strike Impatience down with a vengeance. (Totally not the pattern’s fault!)

Failed again with the Fake Isle Hat. This is the Year of the Frog for me! Substituting Thorpe.
Thorpe is done!

ETA - October 19/2010 - Totally changing my whole game plan! I see that I have actually finished 6 items (splee!) but here’s what I’m going to do for the remaining 4:

Finish Nutkins
- Finished
Finish Dave’s socks in Skeindalous’s Napalm colorway sock yarn - Finished
Scarf for teacher in Big Wool
[actually did the Noble Cowl in Malabrigo
Silky Merino] Finished
Hat for other teacher in mystery grey wool [Basic Cable Hat - Alpaca With A
Twist Highlander] - Finished
Slippers for inlaws (4 pairs, so if I finish at least one pair - that’ll be my 10!) - Finished them all!
Got to get on that holiday knitting! eep!
As you saw in the "C" post for this year, I had quite a prolific amount of xmas knitting. I also finished many other small things throughout last year - 6 washcloths, a minion for D2, etc., some big things already listed - Inaugural and Owls and then there's these socks I made...

Pattern: Heath's Socks Yarn: Skeindalous Lone Ranger colorway
The colorway was perfect! The pattern was easy and flew by - the only thing I changed is that the pattern calls for the cable to be inbtw the needles so I rearranged the stitches to avoid that.
With the Thorpe I had hope that I'd broken my hat curse. (For "K" in comments who asked, my hat curse is a personal curse. With the exception of that Thorpe, I've never made a hat just once. It's always too big or too small for any normal human head and I have to rip the damn things out and do them over.)

How was your knitting last year?

Looking forward to this year's List of Insanity, Ruth!


k said...

Oh, that hat curse. I had that one for a long time myself. In fact, my current hat is too big, but I've decided this is cute, and left it. The last two hats I've made have come out right on the second try, now that I think about it. But that's way down from the one I pitched into the tree after the fourth try....

Yarnhog said...

I have no idea how my knitting was last year. I finished several sweaters and a couple of pairs of socks, I think. I also spun at least one sweater's worth of yarn, which is currently in use for a sweater I'm determined to finish this weekend (half a sleeve to go). You got a lot done last year; what's your list for this year?

k said...

What happens in, say, the year 2030?